Your life before getting married was filled with butterflies and roses. Actually, it’s pretty amazing. One day, your five-year partner takes you on a romantic journey that completely surprises you!


Congratulations! Your partner has finally decided to put a ring on your finger.


Following that, you must plan your wedding day! So many decisions to make: should I elope or have a wedding in Sydney? When should I tie the knot? How many people should I invite? There’s a lot to do!! 


If you’re considering having your wedding in Sydney, then this post is definitely for you. Here are 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to get married in Sydney. 


1. Experience a legal marriage celebration


First and foremost, you must ensure that your marriage is legal in Sydney, Australia. And this is with a licensed marriage celebrant. The legalities you must follow are so simple and straightforward that you may wonder, “Why hasn’t everyone married in Sydney?” “All you need is a qualified registered civil marriage celebrant to guide you through the legal process.” You will file a Notice of Intended Marriage with your celebrant. 


Your passports and any divorce/death papers, if applicable, are the only documents required. On the wedding day, you will simply sign a Declaration of Marriage, which states that there are no legal impediments to the marriage, the marriage register, and receive the wedding certificate.  


You will also require two witnesses. And there you have it! You’re just married.


2. Legal requirements are simple


There are no government fees, medical exams, pre-marriage education, dress codes, pre-wedding interviews, or the need to change your name. You can tie the knot whenever and wherever you want. We personalize it for you because it is a civil wedding ceremony. You can be a local, a citizen, or a visitor. 


The only documents required are your passports or original birth certificates. Divorce/death papers and, if applicable, name change. You can request that your on-the-day wedding coordinator handle all of the legal paperwork for you so that you can enjoy a stress-free journey to your wedding.


3. High tea bridal shower 


The bridal shower is usually held prior to the wedding ceremony. It’s time to unwind before the bride walks down the aisle. High tea has recently become one of the more popular trends for bridal showers in Sydney! So, if you like tea, small cakes, and sandwiches in a feminine and refined setting, this is the place to be! The Tea Room features massive armchairs, intricate ceilings, and opulent teas and treats.


The Tea Room Gunner’s Barrack’s gives you a radiant view of the harbour; Sheraton on the Stop has tea buffets amid the ends of the week (after you fair need to stuff yourself); and the Interconversion Sydney has High coffee (in case you’re more of a coffee individual, truly), that ideally matches your coffee along with your preferred dishes (they indeed have a coffee martini!).


4. Weather is always beautiful


Sydney has beautiful weather most of the year, so having your wedding ceremony outside is not a problem! You don’t have to be concerned about your ceremony being rained or snowed in. There are also spectacular views and charming scenery to take advantage of!


5. Theme suitability 


If you want to go historical or modern, heritage or contemporary, you can combine all of these with the many wedding venues in Sydney in order to end up with the best and dreamiest wedding day.


6. Weddings on the beach 


So now we get to the meat of the matter: the location of your wedding ceremony in Sydney. Whatever type of venue you’re looking for, Sydney has it all. If you and your partner are the beach-y type (of course, you’re probably are since you’re considering Sydney), there’s Balmoral Beach’s small white circular rotunda that’s located within its reserve garden is a great choice. 


Another is the Boathouse’s lovely ocean views; Bondi Beach’s untainted and famous setting; Shelly Beach’s scenic space with sandy beaches and rich cabbage trees; and Whale Beach’s crystal blue waters. Also,  Copes Lookout offers a breathtaking of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House.


7. Garden weddings


If you need to go a bit old-fashioned, Sydney has numerous gardens to select from. There’s the Royal Botanic Gardens with its eminent harbour sees, noteworthy structures, claim to fame gardens, colossal fig trees, and rolling greens; the Observatory Hill Park on The Rocks Sydney with its broad sees of the Harbor Bridge and hoards of shady trees; Copes lookout with the Opera House and Sydney bridge within the foundation; the University of Sydney Grounds with its 72-hectare land filled with greenery; and the Vaucluse House within the Eastern rural areas with its local bush, delight gardens, and kitchen plant.


8. Cruise the harbour of Sydney 


If you truly can’t pick, how about visiting all of the places (well, maybe not all, but the majority)? A Sydney Harbour Wedding Cruise is available, where you and your guests join a Sydney Princess Cruises vessel. You have the option of having a more formal dining experience or having beverages alfresco. Even better, their boats may be customized with a large white bow!


9. Beautiful sunsets


Wouldn’t it be amazing (not to mention terrific for photos) to see the sunset over Sydney Harbour or one of Sydney’s beaches (and it’s free)? Make the most of this natural wonder by scheduling your wedding ceremony around Sydney’s sunset timings.


10. Modes of creative transportation 


Because Sydney is a water city, taking yourself and your guests on a boat ride is a fantastically unique alternative. In Sydney, water ferries, taxis, and private boats are all available. You can take a ferry into the city with your guests if you want to marry in Parramatta. Anyone for a cruise? Check out the Sydney Ferries schedule to determine the best route for your needs. Wedding packages are available from Water Taxis Combined. Their water taxis may take you to any of the city’s hundred waterside locations.


11. In Sydney, all nationalities are welcome


There will be no problems getting married whether you are from Australia or from another country. You only need an original birth certificate or your passport if you were born in Australia. It’s also those if you were born abroad! All nationalities are welcome in this cosmopolitan community.

12. Galore of delicious food


One of the things that your wedding guests will remember is how delicious the cuisine was. Sydney’s cuisine, which includes everything from surf to turf, is both inventive and straightforward. Most importantly, and most importantly, it’s really tasty. It is a metropolis of many cultures. Make your wedding guests happy by filling their stomachs with delicious food!

So, what do you think? Would you want to get married in Sydney? If yes, let us know below in the comments of this article.

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