15 Tips for Creating Successful Packaging Design

The most profitable brands are those that stand out in the market competition. One of the key elements of their success is effective and successful packaging design. Whether you are introducing a new brand of brand or want to make an existing brand recognized, the perfect packaging design can make your products stand out on retail shelves. It’s the best way to attract a heap of customers and generate profitability. Following are 15 tips helpful in creating a successful packaging design:

Make the product friendly to use:

Every packaging is designed for a particular product. But the best packaging design is which shows a friendly relationship while using the product. For example, when tomato ketchup is packed in glass bottles it’s always a problem for the user to make it come out. Heinz introduces user-friendly plastic packaging for ketchup. It’s a compressible upside-down bottle, and it has enhanced the product’s sales due to its complementary packaging design.

Launch special editions:

Impulse buying is considered bad at the consumer end but it is beneficial on the seller side. Sellers should remain updated to the market and introduce packaging with limited editions considering what is trendy in the market. For example, FIFA is popular these days, so custom packaging related to football can be introduced to promote impulse buy decisions for football lovers.


Break the rules but rightly:

Breaking the rules and producing something innovative always proves good. But as you break the rules, you should choose the right direction and your packaging design complement the product. It’s considered a predefined rule to use the tube for toothpaste and boxes for shoes but you can produce an innovative packaging idea. In this way, your product never goes unnoticed.

Less is more:

While creating a packaging design especially when you are deciding on the label, always remember that less is more. Creativity is a good thing but overdoing produces adverse effects. Keep the design simple and straight. Involve your creativity but in a way, that simplicity remains.

Pay attention to typography:

The words you are using on your packaging design matter, not in a way that what they are but how they actually look. Attractive typography is a way to attract customers by making your brand recognizable. Choose distinctive formats with high readability. Custom packaging printing+Generic requirements of text and colours are important aspects of creating an effective design with good typographic options.

Consider consumer perspective:

While creating a product’s package it is necessary to think from the perspective of your customer. When you are designing the packaging box for a half roll of biscuits you should consider that your customer wants to close the remaining packet after consuming some of the biscuits.

Include humour:

There is no rule which hinders you to be humorous with the customers. Product packaging and the labels should be designed in a way that some humour may be introduced into it.

Introducing fun element:

In addition to usual traditional packaging, an introduction of a new concept can create an element of fun for the users. An interesting way to package tea bags is to give them a shape of a t-shirt on a hanger. This design is also user-friendly as it allows the hanger to stay at the top of the cup and at the same time create a fascinating experience for the consumer. These fun elements sholud relate to the niche, not from the outside. So that it can be more attractive to the users.

Make the product easy to handle:

The ease to handle the product is a necessary feature of a product’s packaging. Without it, your brand is unable to be successful in the market. Give a handle or attach grooves along with the product so that the product becomes easy to carry. If the products are not handy, the customer will switch to other alternatives.

Differentiate visually:

Creating a different packaging design which increases visibility is an effective way to differentiate your brand from others in the market. For example in the case of an egg carton, white or brown rectangular boxes are common. You can make yourself different by changing the colour to pink and adopting a different shape for the egg carton.

Use attractive colours:

The colour of the package is an important element to boost its sales and make your product stand out on retail shelves. Bright and attractive colours attract a heap of customers thus influencing their purchasing decision. The label of the product should be printed in such colours which makes it very clear at first sight. The most colourful packaging that is used for the packaging is the RGB color factors.

Make it transparent:

If your package is innovative with some transparency option it will definitely acquire its place in the eyes of customers. Many of the packages in the market come with a picture of the product inside. Instead, you can go for some transparent space to make the actual product visible through it. For meat, make a small portion transparent to provide a glimpse of the contents inside.

Go for an unusual shape:

Introducing a packaging design with an unusual shape is sometimes very challenging. If once your packaging design is admired by the customers, then success is at your door.   So try to introduce some new shape in a fascinating way which is liked by your consumers.

Focus on original responsibility:

While making your package attractive to the customers, never forget the real responsibility which is to keep the product safe. For example, edible items require airtight packaging; they cannot enclose in boxes. To adopt the best airtight packaging to make your product safe from moisture. There should equality between the elements that are using in making this.

Consider the scope of extensibility:

Whenever your product starts flourishing in a market, it’s time to extend the product range. So it is considered thoughtful to focus on the scope of extensibility while making a packaging design. A good package is always make with the thought of the future in mind.

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