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5 best tools and techniques to automate content discovery process


In order to stay ahead in your game on digital media, you need to work on your content strategy. Serving the right content to your targeted audiences goes a long way in building a good rapport with them and earns you a loyal community of visitors. By strategically using your content, you can turn visitors into readers, buyers or subscribers. However, writing an excellent piece of content is an art that needs strong skills. You would need to start with good research skills and ample time. Thankfully today there are many content discovery automation tools to streamline and simplify the process.


You need to have good research skills and understand the trending topics in your industry. However, there are some sophisticated tools on the net to speed up and simplify the process. In this post, we are going to mention some of the best tools and some selected techniques to search the most trending content. It will help you to identify the content ideas that can offer you a unique position:



Social Plot offers you an easy way to discover relevant content with high potential with the help of the Content Curation feature. It provides you socially shareable content list that is curated based on multiple parameters. Influencer sharing is the prime criteria on which the content is ranked. The tool also delivers you a good overview of the content posted by top bloggers and influencers.


The more accurate information you provide the better-curated list you will get. So try to be as precise and direct as possible when searching for the list. This is the standard format that you can follow:


  • Keywords: digital marketing
  • An author: ‘Matt Cutts’
  • A profile: @matt



Corresponding to each post to find the content it displays the number of influencers who shared it. It makes it easier for you to have a quick idea about the value and popularity of the content.





One thing that is quite common while searching for good content is that you may end up forgetting to save the sources or links or keeping them all in a single handy place. Pocket solves this issue by allowing you to aggregate the best content sources, save the relevant ones at a single location and consume it later. It plays an important role in streamlining the entire process as you can neatly divide the research process into two parts- aggregating relevant sources and referring to each source separately for detailed reading.


The best thing is that it allows you to save content across all the popular formats- text, videos, Infographics, audio, etc.


Trend Hunter

To get the most benefit out of trending content you need to be the first to know as a new trend happens. Trend Hunter is a site that perfectly justifies its name. It discovers the newest trends in almost real-time.


Along with the latest developing trends the tool also delivers insights into the customer expectations. It covers a wide variety of industries making it a relevant source for different businesses with different objectives. Whether you want to use content strategy to gain the best visibility for a newly launched product or need to level up your game by acquiring features lacking by your competitors, the TredHunter makes your work easier, faster, and more streamlined.


It isn’t an exclusive tool for discovering the freshest content but rather a great way to discover the business trends and people’s inclinations. These big picture insights can help you build a RoI-based content strategy based on your industry and business goals.


One of the best ways to create awesome content is to answer the curiosity of readers. The aptly named Quora helps you in doing exactly that. This popular platform allows global citizens to ask questions that can be answered by other users. Besides user-friendly search criteria also allow you to discover the questions and answers most relevant to you.


Each answer also gets votes that help you to gauge its overall value more accurately. You can use it in multiple ways. For instance, you can create a detailed post around a specific topic based on the latest and frequently asked questions. Likewise, you can take help from the answers as many replies are provided by experts with authentic first-hand industry experience. Secondly, you can also use this platform to create curiosity around the topics relevant to your niche by answering the relevant questions and contextually adding a link to your site.




Google Trends

One of the best ways to attract organic and valuable traffic is to create content based on the most trending Google searches. Google trends help you in that by offing you the keyword popularity based on the volume acquired over a specific period.


Additionally, it also offers you a detailed list of the most popular stories on the net. You can choose a specific duration to further narrow down the search. You can find this option in the header named Recently Trending which is followed by another option called more trending searches.


Upon clicking the option more relevant to your preferences you can use the relevant queries as well as the key sources corresponding to each query.


You can also sort based on the day and location which allows you to focus on the relevant information only.

Quick Bonus Tip: You can also consider checking the LinkedIn profiles of subject matter experts to view their articles. Their specialization and experience enable them to create highly valuable material with deep insights.


Just building a website isn’t enough to earn online income. You also need a good visibility and traffic. In order to achieve a unique position in the digital arena, you need to work heavily on your content strategy. The first thing is to start with a good research and discover right trends. It can be an uphill task due to the heavy traffic and massive volume of content posted across different platforms. However, with the help of some sophisticated tools, you can simplify the process and streamline your content strategy.


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