5 things you have to know before buying natural hair toppers 

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Hair Toppers

Human hair toppers are amazing hairpieces whether you want to add volume to your hair, increase your confidence, disguise bald spots, or enjoy unlimited styles. 

If you are new to the topper world, the idea is the same as a wig-only smaller. The hairpiece is secured to your scalp to achieve a natural look. Hair toppers are a brilliant choice for disguising hair loss since they can be tailored to your specific demands and hair concerns.

However, with such a gorgeous and varied choice available, selecting a hair topper might be daunting, but this guide will walk you through five things you must know before buying hair toppers. 

1. Do You Want Human Hair Toppers Or Synthetic Toppers?

 Natural hair toppers or synthetic toppers?

Natural hair toppers or synthetic toppers?

Whether you want human hair toppers or synthetic toppers is a question you need to ask yourself. With synthetic toppers, you can select a hairpiece that is already brilliantly styled. Whether you want curls, waves, or a clean straight appearance, the world is your oyster with synthetic hair toppers.

Human hair toppers, of course, offer all of the benefits and drawbacks that your hair has. These human hair toppers for women are weather-responsive and require extra attention in terms of cleaning and style. Nevertheless, because they are made of real hair, they have a very natural appearance. On the other hand, you must exercise caution while styling since overexposure to heat will harm the topper just as it does your hair.

2. Human Hair Toppers Vs. Synthetic: Which Is Cheaper? 

Human hair toppers cost more 
Human hair toppers cost more

As sensitive as this subject may be, money is always a factor to consider when choosing toppers. Good-quality human hair toppers for women made of 100 percent human hair will cost you anywhere from Rs. 5000- 20000 and will last you around 6 months to a year. 

Since even the best human hair toppers will begin to disintegrate, you will need to buy another one. 

Human hair toppers are still good investments, and you can flaunt different hairstyles for wavy hair. There’s no reason not to buy one because it appears natural and is free of damages.

Pro Tip: When the foundation is no longer firm enough to stay on your head or when strands begin to fall out, it’s time to replace it.

3. Lace, Silk, Or Monofilament Base?

Which is better?
Which is better?

Just like wigs, natural hair toppers are also made with different bases. 

Lace: The hair is hand-tied in lace-based natural hair toppers to replicate a natural hairline. Lace hair toppers are extremely lightweight, breathable, and ideal for warm weather. 

Silk: Silk hair toppers are made with a layer of lace and silk material placed on top of it. They provide the most realistic hairline appearance available on the market. Silk toppers A silk base will properly conceal the knots, and you won’t have to use any additional procedures to make the knots invisible. 

Monofilament: Each hair is connected to a thin mesh material that lets air pass through in monofilament hair toppers. These toppers are versatile, offer parting and styling options to achieve a natural look every time. Monofilament toppers are durable as well! 

4. Choosing The Right Color 

Does it match your hair color? 
Does it match your hair color?

Most hair toppers are designed to blend in with your natural hair; selecting a color that closely resembles your natural hair color is critical. It can be tricky to match the colors exactly, but with the options of various colors, lowlights, and highlights, finding one that is right for you should be easy. 

Toppers made with virgin human hair can also be dyed to match your color-treated hair

5. Choose The Right Length And Texture 

Length and texture 
Length and texture

There are numerous lengths of natural hair toppers available for you to pick from, whether you want a comparable style and length to your natural tresses or an ultimate hair dream. We recommend choosing a length that can easily blend with your natural hair. 

Along with the right length, the texture of the topper is also important for a seamless result. Before you make a purchase, check if the texture of the topper matches the texture of your hair. Although heat styling is an option for your hair and the topper, the right texture will make styling your hair that much quicker and easier. 

Hair toppers are a great non-surgical hair volume treatmentso why not buy one that matches your natural texture?

FAQ’s About Hair Toppers For Women 

Here are a few faqs about hair toppers and their answers to give you a better understanding of these hairpieces. 

  • How Are Toppers Different From Wigs?

Wigs are intended to cover your entire head, and your hair will be completely concealed underneath. However, only a small part of your head will be covered with natural hair toppers. 

Toppers are ideal for concealing hair loss at the crown or towards the front of your head. They blend incredibly and leave you with a gorgeous result. 

  • How Do You Style Hair Toppers?

 When hair toppers are frequently styled the same way, they develop memory and naturally fall into that style. Styling topper is relatively easy. Put the topper on a mannequin head, detangle, apply heat protectant, and heat style it the way you would your natural hair or even a wig. 

  • Should You Wash Hair Toppers Frequently? 

Your hair topper does not require as frequent washing as your actual hair. We recommend washing your hair topper every two weeks. You might worry two weeks is a long time to go without washing it; however, since your topper won’t collect oil like your hair, there’s no need to wash it frequently.

Once every two weeks, give your hair topper a good wash to get rid of product build-up and dust. 

  • How Do You Measure The Topper Size?

With hair toppers for women, first, measure the area of hair loss. Use a measuring tape and take measurements from left to right and front to back.

Pro Tip: Once you have your measurement, look for toppers an inch bigger. This will allow the clips to be affixed to your natural hair and offer proper security. 

  • How Do You Blend Hair Topper With Your Hair?

A typical problem with toppers is that the front hairline is too far back or does not mesh with the front of your hair. Adjust your hair topper to combat this common blending issue; you can move it forward or sideways. If the front lace or the fabric is visible, a color spray can conceal it instantly. 

  • Do Hair Toppers Damage Hair?

Hair toppers do not damage your hair, and they are safe to wear. However, rough-handling toppers will damage your hair. Be gentle when you remove the toppers and avoid tugging them. As the clips are attached to your hair, tugging will cause hair fall. 


The above mentioned are the 5 things you must know before buying hair toppers. We have covered the must-knows and FAQs, so it’s time to shop for toppers! Diva Divine Hair has an incredible collection of premium quality hair toppers for women at various price ranges. They also sell virgin clip-in hair extensions and wigs to make your hairstyles for wavy hair a reality. If you need assistance in choosing the right natural hair toppers, visit one of Diva Divine’s stores and consult with an expert. 

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