6 Best Landscaping Ideas That You Should Try

With so many homeowners looking to trim up their backyards this season, it’s no wonder that front yard landscaping is also on the list of projects they want to finish. The Spring 2021 report by Thumbtack shows how vital a good landscape really can be for your home improvement needs!

The landscaping industry is booming! Thumbtack reports that homeowners spend anywhere from $1,034 to $5 720 on their backyards.

We all know that the best way to start planning for a new backyard is by looking at what our neighbors have done. Here are 6 of your favorite landscaping ideas from a landscaping company in Cape COD if you need some inspiration!

1. Biophilic Design

You can still have a backyard that feels truly serene without living amidst wildlife and old-growth trees. All it takes is using natural elements like grass with block pavers, which transform your garden from an outdoor space into one where you feel at one with nature!

One of this year’s key trends in landscaping is “biophilic design,” which encourages people to interact with their surroundings and feel like they’re part of it.

2. Separate your Spaces

You have a lot going on in your backyard—kids jumping from trampolines, dogs running around and playing with each other right next to you. While it may seem like the best option is one space for all these activities, Pol Bishop has some advice about how we can divide them up so that everything gets done without taking over your entire yard or garden!

3. Add a Prefab Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Homeowners can incorporate an accessory dwelling unit into their landscape design. It gives them extra interior space without taking up valuable outdoor locations, and it also helps enhance curb appeal for potential buyers!

4. Minimize your Aspirations

When it comes to landscaping, you might want to think about minimizing your landscaping ideas aspirations.

You can still have a great kitchen without sacrificing your budget.
If you are looking at building an outdoor cooking area with limited funds available, try re-scaling the plan to make it more affordable for yourself! This idea is also applicable to landscaping.

5. Landscape with Vegetables

What would you rather have growing in your garden? According to Gade Masonry – Landscaping Company in Cape COD, Flower tubers or juicy tomatoes are the best to grow in your yard because of bright colors and all. Planting them among the flowers will not only help to preserve what little summer left we still get, but it’ll also add some much-needed color into an otherwise incredible landscape.

6. Think Distinct When Choosing Topiary

Topiary is the practice of creating ornamental shapes out of trees and shrubs. It can range from elegant to eccentric, but most topiaries have some primary forms like cones or globes for themselves–and these same types will likely be seen across backyard landscapes as well! However, adding in something extra with your landscaping might make it stand apart from others around town; maybe you’re looking at shaping up an old sapling into what looks like crudely drawn grapes on sticks (we’ve seen this done before) or planting all sorts.

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