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Technology is all about innovation, and this innovation in business means doing things differently in a more productive way. Today technology is everywhere, improving processes and bringing innovation for further improvements. Whether you are a small, mid-sized, or large organization, you must be utilizing technology somehow. You might be using software, websites, mobile apps, or other devices to operate various business functions. With the help of these, you are not just carrying out your business operations but connected to the digital world. This is all because of the emergence of business technology solutions that streamline various functions and continue their operability flawlessly.

Business technology solutions are helpful to handle day-to-day operations and help budding companies achieve growth. You might think that business technology solutions may comprise robots replacing the human workforce, not at all. There is a broader range of business tech solutions in websites, software, mobile, and web apps that are multi-tasking and function more efficiently and accurately.

Today up to 80% of businesses are working online and utilizing websites and mobile apps to target customers in a broader range. Moreover, the utilization of mobile apps and websites keeps them active all-time and handles communication, payroll, scheduling, managing projects, and many operations amazingly.

Here we have rounded up some mobile apps serving as the best business technology solutions for worldwide corporations.

6 Mobile Apps Serving As The Best Business Technology Solutions

Whether you are a startup or an experienced business, your foremost objective is to continue your success journey. For this, the first thing that comes into your mind is improving production and streamlining day-to-day processes. You might think to redraft your business strategy or make some amendments so that your business appears unique in the market and competes for the long term.

Luckily, we exist in the digital age, where there are various tools that businesses to manage, control, schedule, and plan their short and long-term goals. Desktop and mobile-based tools are the mainstream in today’s business world, handling and organizing several business operations. Furthermore, these tools serve as business technology solutions automating production, saving time, reducing risks of inaccuracy, and producing more profit by spending less.

Below are some mobile apps associated with specific operations to keep businesses running.

Connecteam Business Management App

Connecteam mobile app is an all-in-one business management application that takes care of a company’s needs in one place. With a few clicks, employees are connected to its staff, manage daily operations, and keep employees engaged in their responsibilities. It would not be incorrect to say that it has a complete business services package in one app. Additionally, the Connecteam app works right from the minute when an employee begins onboarding to daily communication, tracks time, assigns tasks, and monitors operational insights. Thus, it is one of the best business technology solutions to view ongoing activities.

Connecteam Business Management App

Melio Account Payable App

If you are a busy entrepreneur and want to pay bills and manage accounts on the go, then the Melio payment app is for you. It is a web-based account payable platform, where users can easily clear their dues via pay bills, bank transfers, and debit cards. Many USA corporations use the Melio app as a free payment manager and prevent entrepreneurs from standing in defaulter lists. Moreover, businesses need to schedule payments that help their customers notify about their dues. As a result, it has been observed that only a few business owners are facing late payment issues.

QuickBooks Finance And Accounting App

Every entrepreneur wants their business to be updated and tries not to leave a single task is pending; this is what the QuickBooks app does. QuickBooks is a finance and accounting app that takes care of a business’s accounts and finance operations. It manages account statements, invoices, accounting reports, transactions, and other operations regardless of company size.

Everything that users and entrepreneurs find in an accounting app, interactive UI, user-friendly dashboard, and advanced features are ideal for making one of the best business technology solutions.

RescueTime Time Management App

Time tracking is the most crucial factor for businesses to picture the day accurately. RescueTime mobile app is another helpful solution for entrepreneurs to measure their productivity level. The mobile apps work on a machine learning corporate strategy that tracks users’ activities and generates reports. These reports are submitted to the company’s executive. Additionally, this app will also help businesses find the weakness of their employees so that they are trained to perform more efficiently.

RescueTime Time Management App

The app will set an alert for users to know how much time they are spending on a single task and how they can complete the same task in a limited time frame.

Monday Project Management App

Project management is a crucial business step that must be done efficiently as customer satisfaction depends upon it. Monday project management app is one of the most influential business technology solutions that stress project scheduling, which is quite a daunting task.

Taking projects from the client is not the end of the story, but its management gives a tough time to employees. Task management, scheduling, collaboration, teamwork, assignment of tasks, testing, planning, and deployment all fall under project management. If any one of them goes wrong, it might lead you to take more time. As a result, clients will leave you to try another way.

Monday project management app is the best for all businesses. It keeps things organized, well-planned, and manageable to cater to high customer requirements.

Slack app for businesses

While working in an organization, it is essential to maintain a healthy collaboration among all the workers. It would help businesses keep employees stuck to a unified goal and set the best example of dedication and one team. There are two ways to maintain collaboration: arranging meetings or conferences and secondly using a communication app since we exist in the modern age so that an app will go best.

Slack is an instant business messaging app that works friendly and keeps employees connected.


Those mentioned above are some common business apps being used by businesses worldwide. These mobile apps are the best business technology solutions that can bring significant changes in business dynamics. Therefore, companies that want to stay prominent on the business map for a long time must include these apps in their business processes.

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