6 Tips to Decorate Living Room

Especially if you’re on a tight budget, picking the correct accessories and décor for your living room might be a daunting undertaking. Typical features are three-seater and two-seater couches, a coffee table, side tables, a media center with a television and bookshelves, service carts, area rugs, plush curtains, and a slew of other furnishings in Pakistani drawing rooms. You must decorate your drawing room visually appealing and functional way, even if you only want to entertain visitors for a short time. To put it another way, the decorating ideas in this book are all under PKR 90,000.


  • Chairs with Accessories

Your living area can be made to appear more modern and effortlessly elegant with the addition of accent chairs.

No matter how many sofas you have in your living room, adding a modern yet trendy accent chair will always boost the space’s appearance and add personality. Because of their striking colors and patterns, these chairs are sure to become the talk of the room.

The market offers a wide variety of accent chairs; nevertheless, armchairs, wingbacks, chesterfields, barrel chairs, and butterfly chairs tend to be the most popular options among Pakistani homeowners.

Accent chairs may be found for as little as PKR 40,000, making them an affordable option for those on a tight budget. You can also buy a house that is already furnished in a good society such as Smart City Islamabad.

  • Toss Several Pillows on the Bed

Throw pillows are a simple way to rapidly update the look of your sofa and accent chair without having to spend a fortune. Add color and dimension to your house with this unique technique, adding texture and depth to the space. To keep your living room fresh all year round, you may buy a range of mix-and-match throw pillow covers in bulk and change them regularly based on your preferences and selected theme.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can get away with spending PKR 2,000 on new throw pillows for your living room.

  • Rug Area 

A magnificent area rug or carpet is a must-have for any drawing-room. It’s worth considering one of these possibilities for your home if you prefer to remain on top of the latest trends.

For long-term value, synthetic fiber carpets like polyester, acrylic, and nylon may be your best bets for budget-friendly options. 


  • Trolley Serving

One of the most valuable additions to your drawing room is a tea trolley or service trolley. Small wheels and two to three layers are standard features.

  • Curtains

If you’re on a tight budget, go with nylon or cotton curtains for your room’s windows.

Cotton and polyester are excellent options for decorating your living room on a budget for curtain material. At PKR 350 per yard, unstitched cotton and polyester are the most affordable options. The price of unstitched linens, nylons, and nets ranges from PKR 450 to PKR 450 a yard.   


Fixtures for lighting

If you want your drawing room to look expensive and exquisite, you need a chandelier or a considerable pendant light. You should spend between PKR 10,000 and PKR 12,000 on the lighting fittings if your budget is under PKR 90,000. A pair of wall sconces would set you back PKR 6,000 as well.

  • Items for the Decoration

Colorful houseplants and other decorative accents can help your room come together and look sophisticated.

Last but not least, you might set aside PKR 10,000 to cover the cost of ornamental and personal things. Watch for end-of-year promotions on these goods from famous furniture makers.



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