A Girl Goes Home Alone at Night

6 Vampire Romance Movies That Are Better Love Stories

If you’re like most people on the internet, then you’re probably in the middle of the Twilight revival– a resurgence in love for the series from the 2000s. There has been a lot of criticism about the “epic” and sometimes destructive love between Bella (and Edward) that has resulted in more attention being paid to the saga. It’s not impossible to enjoy the romance between sexy vampires.

Vampire Romance Movies

While Twilight’s popularity isn’t always good, it’s not impossible to enjoy the romance between sexy vampires. It’s captivating to watch the forbidden romances in vampire movies. Don’t fret if you have never fallen in love with Team Edward or Jacob. These equally romantic vampire movies will satisfy all your bloodthirsty desires. Generate names with orc name generator.

  • A Girl Goes Home Alone at Night

A homeless vampire (Sheila Vand), who rides a skateboard around a deserted Iranian city, lives among the people. The lonely vampiric woman wanders the streets of Bad City at night to hunt down men who mistreat and abuse women. The woman lives her life according to a strict moral code but has no meaningful human connection. Using a half orc name generator you can easily generate names for vampires.

Arash (Arash Marandi), a heavily indebted city citizen, struggles to support his drug-addicted father and himself. The pair find themselves in a unique relationship after a series of tragic events leads them to each other. Although A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night doesn’t rely as heavily on romance as Twilight it is a compelling story about two people who find solace in each other and makes for a unique love story. The film, which is beautifully intimate, features gritty black-and-white shots.

  • Only Lovers are Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive stars the bizarre combination of Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swainton. It tells the story of a century-old couple who live their vampiric lives in a long-distance relationship. Adam (Hiddleston), who is a musician, feels lost and helpless after his long life. Eve (Swinton), Adam’s wife, comes to comfort her husband after he has suicidal thoughts. 

Their sweet reunion is soon ruined by Eve’s younger sister, Mia Wasikowska. Eve consumes Adam’s blood and the pair must hunt for their next meal. Adam and Eve’s love story is much more mature than Twilight’s Bella or Edward, and that works in the film’s favor. Only Lovers Left Alive is not about a young romance or a new relationship. It’s heartwarming, hilarious, and captivatingly original.

  • Blood and Roses

The 1960 horror film Blood, and Roses, an adaptation of Camilla’s novella, warns viewers about jealousy, lust, and the dangers of wearing the clothes of their vampire ancestors. Carmilla (Annette Vadim), a lonely heiress, becomes increasingly jealous of Mel Ferrer’s engagement to Georgia (Elsa Martinelli). Carmilla’s jealousy of her cousin’s love grows and she becomes obsessed with the history of a rumored vampiric relative. 

Carmilla is accompanied by the spirit and blood of her vampire relative when her cousin throws an event to celebrate their upcoming marriage. In the best possible way, the movie is absurd. It shamelessly celebrates the vampiric possession plotline and artfully depicts its 1960s setting. Blood and Roses, although not as explicit in LGBT+ themes as its source material is, is a great choice for anyone who wishes Alice and Bella had met during Twilight.

  • Thirst

Park Chan-wook, a Korean director, explores the sinister world of vampires using Thirst. Sang-Hyun (Kang-Ho Song), a beloved priest, agrees to undergo medical experimentation in the hopes of developing a vaccine against a deadly virus. The experiment fails, and the priest becomes infected with the virus. This results in a blood transfusion. Sang-Hyun miraculously regains his health, something that shouldn’t be possible. 

Sang-Hyun reunites with Kang-woo (Shin Ha–Kyun) and his childhood friend Tae-Ju, finding himself attracted to her. Soon, Sang-Hyun discovers that his health is only maintained if he consumes human blood. The man is torn by his catholic faith and his lust for blood and his best friend’s woman. For someone who loved Twilight’s passion but wants something more, Thirst is a perfect choice. The film captures forbidden romance but does so in an incredibly original way.

  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

The classic vampire story! Broken by the suicide of his wife (Winona Ryder), a 15th-century prince, Count Dracula, (Gary Oldman), abandons his human ways and becomes the legendary vampire of legend. Keanu Reeves, a solicitor, arrives at Dracula’s house to discuss a property transaction. Dracula sees the photo of the man’s wife and he turns to look back at his former wife. 

Dracula is convinced that she is his beloved’s reincarnation and begins a war to bring them home. Dracula, Francis Ford Coppola’s version of the classic Gothic tale, has enjoyed a devoted following. Oldman’s acting and the beautiful Victorian-era set design have been praised a lot. 

  • The Wisdom of Crocodiles/ Immortality

Jude Law portrays an old vampire who feeds on single women to fuel his bloodlust. The vampire is no longer able to survive on the blood of the single and searches for the young plasma of a woman who can love him. He seduces Anne Lowensohn (a beautiful scientist) and pursues her. 

The feelings between them grow but the vampire knows that only one of them will survive. This might be the right book for you if you feel like you have grown beyond the Twilight fairytale ending. The Wisdom of Crocodiles, also known as Immortality, takes Twilight’s teenage romance and pushes it further to make it more mature. The romance in the film is not healthy, but that’s okay.

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