7 Reasons Why Mock Tests are Helpful for JEE Mains Preparation

Exam preparation would be incomplete without practice and the subjects you are studying. For good results, you should evaluate yourself from time to time. By practicing the mock test, you will better know ​​what questions will be asked in the examination. It will also help you improve your score in the competitive exams. A mock test is an essential part of any exam preparation. And for exams like JEE, it is a must to give a mock test, solve sample papers, and previous year’s question papers. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of mock tests in preparing JEE mains and why solving mock tests is essential for JEE main preparation. 

Seven reasons why you should solve mock test

The competitive exam can be intimidating, but following the right strategy will make your exam preparation easy. Giving mock tests is essential for preparing for these exams as they allow students to learn from their mistakes. Here are seven reasons why you should solve JEE Main mock tests.

1. It will help you to track your progress

Solving mock tests will help you to track your JEE exam preparation. You will see how much you have improved in a particular time by seeing your previous result. Keeping track of performance is necessary because it will also tell you about your weaknesses.

2. Make your revision easy

You will agree that solving a mock test is much better than repeatedly studying the whole page of the same concept. So if you have already completed the syllabus and have revised it once or twice, you should start solving mock tests. It will be helpful in your revision and help you on exam day.

3. It will be helpful in strategy planning

Whatever strategy you have made for your exam preparation to get a good rank in the JEE exam, you will only know if it works if you solve the mock test and score good marks. Therefore, instead of aiming for the final exam, find the perfect exam strategy for your goals. The more practice tests you solve, the better your rank in the JEE Exam.

4. Practice for the exam

Solving a mock test in an exam-like environment can be helpful. You can check your nerves and see if your time management strategy works. Giving a mock text is like a practice exam if you take it seriously enough. That way, the final exam won’t be so scary.

5. Time management

Having a well-scheduled timetable and following it, is necessary for effective study and to deal with study pressure. Students should use this timetable to consolidate their exam preparation, highlight corrections, problem-solving, and analysis, and address weaknesses in the preparation.

6. Help you to improve your speed and accuracy

As you keep solving different mock tests, sample papers, and JEE Main previous year question papers, you will be able to solve questions more quickly and accurately. Hence, solving more JEE mock tests will be helpful in your exam preparation.

7. Helpful in self-evaluation

By practicing mock tests or solving previous year’s question papers, you can look at your wrong answers, identify your weakest point, and prepare again. The mock test is the closest thing to the exam but has the added benefit of giving you instant results. Correct answers on a given topic will show you which part of the syllabus is your strength and does not need more attention.


Solving mock tests is also essential for the board exam and competitive exams. It helps you a lot in time management and self-evaluation. By solving a mock test, you will be able to know your strength and weakness. Knowing your weaknesses is the first step towards improvement. 

Hope this article will enhance your understanding of why solving a mock test is important. If you have any doubt about this topic, please use the comment section. In your JEE exam study material, you should include NCERT solutions because these solutions are prepared by experts and will be helpful in your JEE Exam preparation.

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