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7 Useful Lead Generation Tools You Must Try

Good Lead Generation tools make the complex work of getting leads into simple work and give you an automated system. you are able to get leads fast and easily. The tools that give more simplified and user-friendly processes and actions are best used as effective tools.

The tools which do not require you to work more and give you effective and authentic leads with a simple click are the ones with good to use. Select the lead generation tools by keeping in mind some key points.


See if the pricing is according to your budget. Select the tools that are in your budget.


The simplicity and usability of the tool matter a lot. It is good to check the reviews of their customers before buying it.


Does your lead generator come with any additional benefits for better utilization or processing?

Your goals:

Analyze how the process and usability of your tools will help you meet your goals. The effectiveness of tools matters a lot in their performance.


Last but not least see if there is a good emergence of the tools with other files.

Keeping in view all the aspects you are sure to find good lead-generating tools easily. Take the right decision when you are fully informed.

How many Types of Lead Generation Tools Are There?

There are many types of lead-generating tools and platforms some of the categories are given below:

  • Marketing management tools: These types of tools will give you specific leads and check your performance to give targeted leads for your business.
  • Inbound lead gen tools: The leads are generated to your website and you will get automatic leads to your business.
  • Outbound lead gen tools: Helps This lead tool sends masses of messages through email calling or social media through the outbound method.
  • On-page lead gen tools: Helps It can capture leads through your website by the optimization of content
  • Mail marketing tools: The marketing is done when the lead generation tool sends masses of messages for the marketing.
  • Search marketing tools: These tools give the onsight leads to produce more leads.
  • CRO tools to increase leads: These tools enhance the leads by giving improved leads that are prone to sales.

The top names of lead generation tools are given here. You can select the lead generator tools that suit the best to your company or website.

1 . Leadfeeder

A lead feeder is a tool that gives you an insight into which companies visited your website. This tool gives insight and gives you all the information about the employees of a company and the information of your visitors who came to the website but never interacted with your website. Through these lead tools, you can follow up with your visitors to offer them good packages.

In short, you can get a full track of your visitors, and analyze the success rate, and generation of the leads. It is the best tool among the lead generators.

2 . Prospect.io

This lead tool is a new day automation platform. This gives a fully integrated system to many renowned platforms. You can get the relevant leads with just one click and you will straighten out your browsers with Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot.

New leads searching is very time taking and a lot of effort is required in locating new prospects almost daily. You will be able to find new leads with almost zero effort. This way you can increase your sales fast and efficiently. Focus on making sales and introducing yourself to new boundaries.

3 . Hoovers

If you want to accelerate your business you can search out this tool to help your business. The Hoovers lead generation tool gives a low conversation, the workflow is maintained and this tool helps to give and generate lists. So, the business requires an automated system. You can also take the help of the tool to analyze the data and gives authentic leads.

4 . Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a lead generation tool that will help you to find leads through email addresses. This tool will give an automatic search and find the email addresses for you. So, You can also find email addresses in bulk and identify them easily with the help of this tool you can search for an email address. This tool is very affordable and durable in terms of working and automation.

5 . Reply.io

This tool is mostly targeted and specified in the emails of the prospects present on the linked in. So, this tool has a direct reach to the Linkedin sales navigator and will help you with searching for LinkedIn emails in seconds.

The addition of a LinkedIn sales navigator is very beneficial and valuable. Therefore, this extension will assist in organizing and managing all types of tasks and give access to make direct calls. You can also multichannel sequences and manage your tasks easily.

6 . Skrapp

This specific tool is a chrome extension and it is used to find a specific email address of someone on LinkedIn. By clicking this button you will see a button that says “Find Email” button. This tool can be used for free and contains a limit to finding 150 emails of prospects per month. You can also get the paid package in which you will get 1000 emails per month.

7 . AeroLeads

The AeroLeads simplify the complex and tiring process of finding the contact information for the prospects. Therefore, Sign up yourself at their website, Make their plug in your chrome extension, open LinkedIn, and start to add the possible leads from AeroLeads. Through this extension, you will get to know all types of information, including company URL, Job title, and much more.


You can find many companies’ lead-generating tools. The list of good lead generators is very long and endless. Hence, Keep up the searching until you feel you have found the right tool for your company. It is generally good to try out its free version to get a good idea of the lead generation tool in Digital Marketing.

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