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9 most common mistakes in social media marketing

Companies from all industries use social media to expand their reach and traffic to their websites, as well as to reach more potential customers. While it can be very beneficial, its misuse can cause damage to our brand’s reputation.

These are the 9 most common mistakes in social media marketing.

Do you know what Is a Common Issue With Social Media Marketing Plans? You should avoid errors in social networks

  1. social media can be left to “anyone”.

Companies make the biggest mistake of putting someone without experience and no training in charge of their social media. Your social media networks must perform well if they have a professional who can implement a strategy.

  1. Not having a plan or strategy

Timely planning is the best way to ensure consistency in your social media advertising strategy. This means planning how and for what you’ll use these media. It also includes how and when you’ll respond to negative messages. You can measure.


  1. Promote the product or service with persistence

There is a place and time for everything in social media networks. While it is obvious that you want to promote your product or service on these platforms, what is important is to engage with your audience and build trust.

Do not turn your social media network into a billboard. Instead, publish content that is valuable, attractive, and interesting to your readers.


  1. Incorrectly answering negative messages

Negative feedback can be given at any moment that we are faced with. There are many options: ignore it, respond to it, or just relax and let it go. Some people even eliminate it.

Which is the best way?

This is not about trying to avoid these messages. It’s about using these situations as an opportunity for brand loyalty to shine.

  1. Always publish the same content format

Constantly publishing the same content creates a dull and uninteresting brand image that is not creative. If you keep publishing the same type of content, it will be difficult to connect with your audience. You also risk losing their interest and commitment.


  1. Provide little personal answers

Responding to criticisms and comments with “cut-and-paste” is not a good way to present your brand. You will be able to respond to comments in a more personal and thorough manner if you have a detailed social media strategy.


  1. Avoid using formal language

Social media is all about building relationships with your followers and creating brand images. While it’s fine to be conversational, don’t get too formal.

People who are part of a network look for closeness, proximity, and find someone to empathize with, always from a professional perspective and without ignoring the identity of the company.


  1. Followers available for purchase

Each brand wants to have the most followers possible on its social media pages. To achieve this, you must work hard and do your best.

Because buying likes or fans will reduce the reach of publications. These false followers won’t interact or take part in any way. In the case of Facebook, the content will cease to be relevant, and the algorithm may penalize what you post.

It is simple: attract real fans who are interested in your content.


  1. Do not try to cover too many

You don’t have to use all social media platforms just because they exist. Even more so if you don’t have the time or commitment to use each one. You end up posting the same thing on all your social networks, using the same language and tone.

You should choose the people who can help you reach your goals and then focus all your efforts on them.

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