Plastic / Cosmetic Surgeon Examines Beautiful Woman's Face, Touches it with Gloved Hands, Inspecting Healed Face after Plastic Surgery with Amazing Results.

A Complete Guide to Financing Your Cosmetic Surgery

If you are looking for a cosmetic procedure, chances are your insurance does not cover it.

Depending on your coverage, it might cover the procedure or not, but usually, you are out of luck. That is where cosmetic surgery financing comes in to save the day so you can get the care you need for any procedure. You can get what you need while having financial assistance backing you up if your insurance cannot pay for it.

If you require guaranteed plastic surgery financing, you have many options that will benefit you in your time of need.

Plastic Surgeon Examines Beautiful Womans Face, Touches it with Gloved Hands, Inspecting Healed Face after Cosmetic Surgery with Amazing Results.

Different Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options You Can Use

If you need help paying for your cosmetic surgery, there are many options to assist you in getting anything you need.

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1. Loans

The most common way to borrow money for cosmetic surgery financing is to find a personal or medical loan.

Medical loans are becoming more popular since multiple lenders are starting to offer these loans to patients. These loans are usually helpful because they can help you get the financing you need for any medical care. They are also becoming more popular since insurance policies are constantly changing for what procedures they cover.

Sometimes, medical loans are not always a good option for the patient, and lenders also offer personal loans they can use. Personal loans are available for anything a patient needs once they receive approval from the lender. Every lender offers personal loans that help you fund your cosmetic surgery for various amounts.

Each lender will carry different interest rates that typically range from 2%-28%, depending on your qualifications as a borrower. They will look at your credit score and other factors about you to determine how you are when borrowing money.

With loans, you can get the funding necessary to receive any cosmetic surgery while the practice gets the money they need upfront.

2. Credit Cards

Similar to loans, there are also medical and personal credit cards that you can use for any medical procedure.

Most likely, you have multiple credit cards that you can use to cover any of your cosmetic surgery charges and copays. If you have a credit card the practice accepts, you can use that and pay over time however you need.

There are also medical-specific credit cards to provide real-time financing for you to pay for your cosmetic procedures. With either credit card, you can pay immediately and walk out knowing you are covered.

They carry another similarity to loans because they have interest rates that range from 12% to 26%. You will need to pay attention to these rates when you sign up for a credit card and plan to pay it off over time.

If you want a loan but need more flexibility. Then credit card might be the best option to get your cosmetic care.

3. Savings

If you know you are getting a cosmetic procedure. You can start saving money to pay for it without financing.

When you start saving money, you can always be ready for anything that comes your way and will not need to scramble for assistance. If you want to get botox and it is not a necessary procedure, then you have time to save up for it and be prepared. Taking time to save will also ensure you get the best deal possible because you can have more opportunities to research.

Also, paying with cash might benefit you depending on the cosmetic practice you are dealing with for your surgery. Some doctors are willing to negotiate the price for the procedure when you pay in cash.

Saving for your procedure might help you get a discount while also helping you avoid taking a loan with high-interest rates.

4. Payment Plans

Another cosmetic surgery financing option some doctors offer is payment plans, which might be helpful to you.

Payment plans are often run in-house by the practices directly and can also get set up by third-party providers. Either way, you will only need a down payment to start because you will pay the rest over time. Payment plans are flexible and can be used on copays or the entire procedure if you have no insurance coverage.

With payment plans, there is typically much more flexibility, and the practice can help you get the financing you need. The interest rates are usually much more flexible since the doctor is helping set them up for you. Also, there is less stress since you are paying back your doctor and not a loan provider you do not know.

Even when a practice uses an outside provider like Denefits for payment plans, there is more flexibility. It makes even financing plastic surgery with no credit possible. Search for cosmetic practices that offer them to get better financing.

Why You Require Financing

You might wonder why you even need financing for your cosmetic surgery if you have medical insurance. 

Many medical insurances are changing their coverages, making it harder for you to get coverage for cosmetic surgeries. Sometimes, your insurance will not cover any cosmetic surgery because they see it as an elective procedure that is not for your health. When that happens, you have no choice but to pay for it out-of-pocket if you want to pursue the operation.

You might owe $3,000 or more for a cosmetic surgery you want and have no choice but to pay for it. That is where financing comes in and helps you because you will have more options to get the surgery you want. If you think you do not need financial assistance, it is still nice to have the opportunity as a backup plan for your procedure.

Even if your insurance covers the procedure, they might only cover the first one and none of the potential follow-up ones. In those cases, you might require financial assistance to help you cover any follow-up/additional procedures. Patient financing is a great backup plan if something pops up and you have to get an emergency follow-up procedure.

When you want/need cosmetic surgery, knowing about different financing options is good in case you need it later on in the future.

Denefits Offers More Payment Options

When researching the doctor for your cosmetic surgery, you should know the different payment/financing options they offer.

When looking at the financing options available, you should see if they work with Denefits!

It offers flexible payment plans to every patient regardless of their financial situation. There are no soft or hard credit checks, allowing you to receive flexible financing for your procedure no matter what. You can access guaranteed plastic surgery financing every time you go in for any cosmetic procedure!

The only way to receive financing through Denefits is to go to the practices working with them to set them up for you. So researching for a medical office partnering with Denefits is a good call.

Check with your doctor today to see if they are already using Denefits and get financing immediately!