Sew-in weaves have become a staple in the ever-evolving hair industry

A Guide On How to Maintain Sew-In Weave

Sew-in hair weaves are a popular protective style that involves using tracks sewn into the scalp to attach to extensions much like braids. 

A sew-in extension can be done in different styles as long as you choose the weave of choice. Installing them is straightforward and they can remain in for a while as long as you know how to take care of the weave. 

Here are some tips on how you can properly maintain the style so that it retains beauty, fullness, and length!

What Is A Sew-in Weave?

Deep Sew-in Weave as seen on the model
Deep Sew-in Weave as seen on the model

A sew in weave is a hair extension service that consists of small cornrow braids (anchors) that are attached to loose or existing hair by use of needle and weaving thread. 

A sew in weave can have tracks left out (perimeter of your hair) or can be created with all existing hair tucked in.

Determining your purpose for getting a sew-in weave will determine how you choose to wear your hair. 

That is because the kind of sew-in weave you get will depend on what colors, thickness, and lengths are preferred, as that is what determines which type you should get from getting a partial, full head or closure sew-in.

Care Tips To Maintain Sew-in Weave

Care for your Sew-in weaves to increase their life
Care for your Sew-in weaves to increase their life

Weaves are wonderful but proper hair care is even better. As women, we pride ourselves on keeping up appearances and would never neglect our own hair. 

We might pay hundreds of dollars for an install, hoping it will last the recommended three months, but many of us either don’t take proper care of nice weaves or our own natural tresses so they break prematurely or induce hair loss, damage, and other issues like molding.

So let’s continue and check out the following steps that you must take to maintain your sew-in weave.

  • Shampoo Your Sew-in Weaves

Washing your weaves just like you would wash your hair is important. You can do this weekly to remove any oil and dirt buil-up. 

Some women prefer to co-wash as well, which is okay but you will still need to use a sulfate-free shampoo that will remove all the grim and grime and make your scalp dirt free.

  • Condition Your Weaves

If you have curly hair you must definitely condition your weave. This helps in defining the curl pattern and detangles the hair quite easily. 

It also adds in the moisture to the hair that was stripped by shampoo.

  • Dry Your Sew-in Weaves

When drying your sew-in weave, you can use a dryer to speed up the drying process. 

If your braids in the weave tend to remain wet, they run a risk of having mildew smell that will lead to molding which in turn will damage your hair. 

  • Use A Satin Pillow / Scarf

A cotton pillow cause friction throughout the night which will make your frizzy and lead to entanglement. It is thus advisable to use a satin pillow or head scarf to use at bed time. 

These satin products will help in retaining the moisture and keep your sew-in weave hairstyle soft, smooth and silky.

  • Added Moisture In Your Sew-in Weave

After cleansing and conditioning, it’s important to seal in the moisture so that your curls are not left dry and brittle. 

To prevent this, you can use a leave-in conditioner followed by a few drops of a natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. When done, smooth the product gently throughout each bundle of your sew-in weave to lock in moisture.

  • Make Braids For Night Time Routine

Braid your hair at night especially for curly hair women, this is essential in maintaining the curl pattern and defining the texture of your hair. 

Use a satin scarf to cover up the hair once you have braided them. And now you are ready for bed!

  • Use Minimum Heat

The purpose of wearing a weave is mostly to give your hair a break from heat, but if you wear your natural hair straight you’ll need to do a quick bobby pin updo at night so as to avoid daily use of heat. 

And if you aspire to big voluminous curls, pin curls are the best way for you to achieve that look! Use only heat if you must, and for your leave out too – in fact it’s not just about protecting your weave but also about preventing damage to your own hair.

  • Restrict The Use Of Too Many Products

In the case of weaves and products, more is not always merrier. When too many products are used in a single sitting, this can have a negative effect on your hair – for example by causing it to become stringy, greasy or covered in product build-up. 

Therefore it’s advisable that you use the least amount of products possible in order to minimise the potential risk of damaging your hair.

  • Visit Your Stylist Once A Month

We all love the freedom of flowing locks, but it’s always good to have your hair professionally washed and styled, whether it’s attached to a weave or your own scalp. Would you rather look gorgeous with damaged or gorgeous with healthy hair? 

Simply spend $50 for a wash and style service because in the end when you look great, you feel great, and we love having silky-smooth healthy looking hair from the luxurious head of hair growth around our own roots.

  • Take A Break

Sometimes you just have to switch things up. Whether it be wearing your hair in a different style, or even growing out your own hair for a while so that you can take care of the health of your own natural locks – both which will bring an entirely new look and feel to your overall appearance. 

It’s important to enjoy the growth results that come from properly taking care of the condition of your own tresses – whether they’re synthetic or otherwise.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Maintaining A Sew-in Weave


  • It’s important to ensure that the products you use on your hair are suitable for weaves as well. 
  • Use a leave-in conditioner or hair protectant on your deep wave sew in weave in between washes to add shine and body.
  • Use products mindfully, only use products that are made for weaves and wigs.
  • Taking care of your scalp health is also important. You can do so by oiling the scalp every week, but making sure it doesnt go into the weave.


  • Don’t overload the weave with too many products. This will add onto product build-up that will invariably harm your hair.
  • Don’t try and DIYs with your sew-in weaves like bleaching, dyeing or highlighting them. If you really want to do any of this thing, then consult your hairstylist and let them do the job.
  • Don’t put any oils or serums directly on the weave. It can weigh it down making it stringy and even leading to damaging the weave or worse your hair.

Everybody’s sew-in experience would be different. Sew-in weaves takes a lot of time and requires equal amount of care for them to give you the length and look of the hair that you always dreamt of! 

Hair extensions are the best way to achieve just about any style or color. Maximize the versatility of hair extensions by treating them properly. 

You can check out Indique’s fabulous collection of deep sew-in weaves to give yourself the best there is to offer.

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