ISTQB foundation

Software development has gone even further. The progress of the ISTQB foundation seems to be at a standstill. Not only this year, but over the past 50 years, assembly language has become a high-level language that facilitates the development of structured applications. This heralds the advent of a new era of programming. Object-Oriented Programming Despite these significant changes in development, software testing still has a long way to go. General training is more than 50 years behind best practice in terms of results. Some experimenters do not understand such important concepts as equivalence and boundary analysis. There are still experimenters who are reinventing concepts like adding fuel to the fire. ISQB training is an initiative to educate test takers under standardized testing conditions.

Importance of the ISTQB foundation

The International Software Testing Council (ISTQB) is built on a solid foundation of industry-leading courses developed by world-class experts. A candidate’s ISTQB certification means that he or she has mastered the best practices and key concepts in the area. By making him stand out from other people, ISTQB foundation can help you move up the career ladder and get you started. Second, companies are realizing the need to provide better testing services. To create a platform for all ISTQB certified testers. Change the testing criteria to reduce the risk of error. It also has a high level of test stability and reusability.

Create general testing conditions

All companies and testers are familiar with their testing conditions. This makes it difficult for others to understand and leads to project delays and loss of bugs. ISTQB foundation has common industry terms. Helps eliminate misunderstandings and communication barriers within teams and between projects.

Create a common software testing method

ISTQB certification develops guidelines not only within the country, but also in general. To achieve this goal, we borrow not only international standards for all industries, but also courses from sources such as ISO, IEEE, BSI. So, with this broad knowledge, the team understands proven methods and applies the appropriate methods in specific situations.

Create a foundation for skill development

The choice of training for developing team skills is often confusing due to the different levels of training. The ISTQB foundation is a curriculum structure that can be applied at the university and organization level. The first course is a basic level that everyone can use without special qualifications. The courses are advanced levels that can only be taken by candidates for the ISTQB certification. Next comes the specialist level with deep knowledge of automated testing. .. For example, optimization of the testing process.

Gain the trust of the team

Certification does not mean that the certified person is the best examiner. However, it proves the level of knowledge that the applicant has acquired. Experimenter certification empowers testing teams and managers. According to a survey conducted by ASTQB, 96% of managers agree that accreditation helps to improve professional competence.

International recognition

As of 2014, more than 3.5 million applicants in over 100 countries have received certificates. The quarterly increase is 12,000, demonstrating the international recognition and growth of ISTQB foundation, a training format comparable to the latest world technologies.

You now have a clear idea of ​​what ISTQB foundation is, how it works, and what its value is. Review your current position in your career plan and select the appropriate ISTQB certification based on your assignment. Get ready to join the Testers Association, which will revolutionize software testing in the coming years. Learn more about CompTIA Course.

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