Advantages and Disadvantages of Scrum Methodology

Scrum is a powerful project management framework that helps organizations solve project problems. With Scrum, you can manage your budget and get more value from individual team members. If you are considering using Scrum, this article describes the promising advantages and disadvantages of this framework. If your Scrum is brand new, you may have come to the right place.

What is Scrum?

Scrum refers to a framework that guarantees crew individuals paintings together. It allows them to analyze thru reviews whilst looking to remedy an issue. It`s additionally an agile improvement technique that businesses observe in software program improvement, counting on incremental and iterative processes. 

The scrum technique is an effortlessly adaptable, flexible, and powerful agile framework whose number one cause is to make sure the clients get price thru organizing a project. It satisfies the clients` wishes through growing transparency in communication, collective responsibility, and progress. 

The scrum improvement starts with a widespread concept of what an agency wishes to construct and the product backlog that a product proprietor desires to obtain.

Scrum Methodology and Processes

Scrum implementation technique relies upon hard and fast practices and the jobs concerned withinside the software program improvement processes. An enterprise executes the scrum technique in bits known as sprints that stage from 2 to 4 weeks. Every dash has its entity, gives the entire results, after which offers a variant of the very last merchandise introduced to the client. 

The technique has a start line and a listing of targets that construct the undertaking plan. The purchaser values the targets at the same time as thinking about the stability of the fee and cost. A business enterprise needs to be agile sufficient and fee the first-rate of the product they supply withinside the market. 

Scrum Artifacts

Scrum artifacts refer to the tools applied in the scrum to solve a problem. There are three artifacts, and they include:

Product Backlog

Product backlog refers to a listing of the paintings that a product proprietor or supervisor wishes to maintain. It pertains to the requirements, features, complements, and fixes that act because they enter for the dash backlog. The product proprietor continuously revises and reprioritizes the product backlog because the objects won’t be large because the marketplace changes.

Sprint Backlog

The sprint backlog lists the items, bug fixes, and user stories that the development team has selected in the current sprint. The team selects the item they want to work on within the product backlog. Therefore, the sprint backlog is flexible and can evolve during the sprint process.


Increment refers to a usable stop product from a dash. For example, a group majorly demonstrates an increment on the stop of a dash demo, and that they spotlight what they’ve finished at some point of the dash. 

Advantages of Scrum

Flexibility and Adaptively

The scrum technique great applies to noticeably unsure surroundings wherein it isn`t clean to outline the requirement and answers earlier than beginning a task accurately. The scrum crew can amend alternate in any part of the task without affecting the task output. Flexibility and adaptiveness are big to outline the necessities of a task because it proceeds extensively.

Time to Market

The scrum method consequences in quicker shipping, as a consequence an early time to marketplace because it takes a brief time to startup. Further growth in improvement additionally consequences in greater instant shipping in an answer segment without always finishing the complete project.

Creativity and Innovation

The enterprise surroundings is an increasing number of turning into competitive, and anyone strives to attain the best. Scrum emphasizes creativity and innovation; thus, its typical output is usually awesome and of exceptional quality. 

Lower Costs

The scrum technique lowers the price with the aid of using lowering the documentation and controls that aren`t significant, therefore lowering overhead costs. It additionally ends in multiplied productiveness from the scrum group 

Creates Transparency

Scrum technique guarantees the people adhere to their paintings and creates transparency for most of the customers and the business enterprise. A minor alternate in any part of the undertaking is saved seen to each member. Transparency results in trust, and the business enterprise receives greater customers to paintings with. 

Disadvantages of Scrum

Doesn’t Bother About the Project Deadline

Scrum method handiest guarantees each crew member meets their expectancies and makes use of private closing dates to create a sure quantity of work. However, it doesn`t take the task cut-off date into account, which could postpone the work. 

Requires a Team Environment

The scrum technique calls for a group of at least 3 individuals and is suitable for small groups. However, the approach doesn`t paint thoroughly for greater than ten individuals. That is due to the fact greater individuals put off the decision-making manner subsequently slows the paintings.

Needs Experience

The individuals who provide remarks to the group want to have applicable enjoy to supply it accurately. Lack of information or know-how will mechanically smash down the complete system. 

Not Appropriate for Plan Driven Approach Projects

Scrum majorly applies to merchandise that doesn`t require big making plans and techniques earlier than executing the improvement process. Instead, it assumes that it could use client remarks and different associated approaches to determine the product improvement process. 

Not Appropriate for Large and Complex Projects

The scrum method is maximum appropriate for small and medium-scale projects, and there are situations whilst it can not observe in massive and complicated projects. Enterprises adopting scrum on the organizational stage might also additionally face the project of scalability of the scrum. However, an enterprise can use different scrum fashions consisting of Less, SAFe, and Scrum of Scrums for massive and complicated projects. These fashions are hard to put into effect as compared to scrum and require widespread schooling and knowledge. 

Requires Transformation at Organization Level

Enterprise desires to have modified at an organizational degree in the event that they need to get fulfillment from the scrum. Thus, its method for the commercial enterprise proprietor and the builders must collaborate withinside the sprint. Hence an enterprise desires to do away with its obstacles which may be tough to eliminate. 

Hard to Implement Quality

The group wishes to undergo a competitive checking-out method to enforce the first-rate successfully. The scrum method calls for considerable abilities and judgment. The group can best research the abilities at the job, and it entails coaching, which can take time.

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