Aikido – What Does This Word Mean?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art. This martial art emphasizes balance in body, mind and spirit. It is the secret of nature. Practicing aikido is not appropriate for unbalanced people, because they will use it to their detriment. As a result, you should not teach aikido to an unfair person. In addition, you should not give aikido to someone who has a shady character.

The word aikido means “union of spirit and body.” It is composed of three kanji characters, aoi and jian. Aikido is a way of living in harmony with universal energy. The word aiki also signifies accommodation to circumstances. In other words, it epitomizes the physical aspects of aikido.

The aikido term happo Ba Fang means “eight directions” and is used to describe exercises in aikido. Some of these techniques are based on these concepts. One of the most popular exercises is the 8-direction sword cutting exercise happo-undo. Another aikido term is hara Fu, or “center of mass.” This area is about two inches below the navel and is the source of ki. The techniques in aikido should be executed from the hara, which can be defined as the clearing away of the enemy’s spirit.

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Several terms in aikido mean “suppression.” The term go-no-sen, pronounced go-no-sen, means “supressing sword.” Other aikido terms include ken-o osaeru, which refers to a cross-hand grip. The gyaku-dori is an up-hand wrist grasp. The little finger and thumb must be closer to the opponent’s elbow than the little finger and middle finger. Other aikido vocabulary words are hauchi, which means hitting the mat with both hands when taking ukemi. Aikido also known as hiji-tori, which involves grabbing the opponent’s elbow.

aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes non-resistance. Uses locks and momentum against an opponent. These principles enable the aikido practitioner to use their own momentum against their opponent and debilitate the attacker’s strength. Aikido is one of the oldest and most popular martial arts in the world.

Among the many different words in aikido, zanshin means “remaining balance and awareness.” It is the key to using aikido to defend yourself and to win a match. The uke and tori have different roles in aikido, and both must learn how to adapt to their opponent’s attacks. As a result, aikido practitioners must learn to cover their vulnerabilities and maintain balance.

Aikido Types

Aikido has two distinct types of training: mental and physical. It emphasizes precision and speed in movements. In the end, it is best to be calm and satisfied, as it teaches you to defend yourself with multiple opponents. Once you learn how to defend yourself with aikido, you can be proud of your martial arts skills. Aikido is the most peaceful martial art in the world.

The ukemi is the act of receiving a technique. A good ukemi involves a person paying close attention to the technique and his or her partner. This is a crucial aspect of aikido. It is an important part of learning aikido. If you are practicing this martial art, you should be aware of its benefits. Aikido will protect you, while enhancing your overall health and well-being.


Aikido is an ancient Japanese martial art. The Founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, called it a warrior-birthing harmony spirit. Unlike martial arts, aikido emphasizes the preservation of the attacker. The word aikido is made up of three Japanese characters – genki, ukemi. read more at postingchannel

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