An Indestructible NFT Game Development


Play a Temple Run  NFT game with your friends to take the golden idol from an Aztec temple, or spend your weekends with friends playing a multiplayer PUBG game, all while satisfying your late-night hunger with food and a cold drink – it’s all worth your time and attention! 


The globe has experienced a wide and tremendous influence on the gaming industry, businesses, revenues, and the IT sector itself as a result of ever-evolving, cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, the introduction of NFT technology has broadened the gaming scene due to its innovative, secure, and industry-leading features.


What is NFT?

How many of you value the uniqueness of your favorite possessions? Your smartphone, for example, is valuable to you; you will not trade it in for someone else’s. You have a personal attachment to it or have become accustomed to it, and you don’t want to let it go.

Any object of such irreplaceability and scarcity should be safeguard. Let’s apply this to the digital world: an NFT is a digital asset having distinct features and attributes that another NFT does not share. Because each NFT is unique, NFT owners must prioritize security.

As a result, each NFT has a distinct value and information kept in a blockchain. These NFTs might be works of art, music, gaming characters, GIFs, domain names, movies, in-game materials, avatars, and so on. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies (Dogecoin, ether, and bitcoin), on the other hand, are exchangeable digital assets utilized for online transactions.
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We can’t talk about non-fungible coins without mentioning smart contracts. Smart contracts control the transferability of NFTs and the automatic execution of sales agreements without the presence of a middleman.

Define NFT game

On the other hand, NFTs have provided the option for P2E game creation. NFT play-to-earn games have become a popular attraction for gamers, game creators, and more individuals.


According to the statistics, a large number of players were interest in NFT games in January 2022.

Furthermore, according to the blockchain alliance’s annual report. NFT games produced 2.32 billion USD in revenue in the third quarter of 2021. Furthermore, the P2P sector and the in-game genuine ownership capabilities of assets have contributed. To the quick growth of blockchain-based NFT games.


Worlds of Alien

This p2e sci-fi adventure game is focused on NFT-based alien species, with an engaging storyline centered on how players will trap the aliens and obtain their services, such as mining on land plots using various equipment. The game is made up of two parts: click-mining and trillium staking.

TLM is the Alien world’s cryptocurrency, and players will utilize TLM tokens for NFT trading, winning fights, and completing missions successfully.

As of April 2022, the value of a single TLM share was $0.14, with 914 million in-game TLM coins in circulation, and 1,160,000 user accounts reported as of January 2022.



Track9 is yet another example of a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game. That immerses users in realistic dog racing settings with an entertaining 3D interface while also making money through betting. The dog characters are create as NFTs that the player may breed to improve their characteristics. Boosting their chances of winning the race and selling them for a greater price.

The plot is centered on a genuine racing setting, with eight gates that operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and the race-winning dog will be granted the greatest in-game reputation, increasing their worth and allowing them to be sold at a high price on the open market.

However, the Tyson currency is use to facilitate the deal, and the player must link a wallet to MetaMask for in-game trading.


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