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Anthony Lister Modern Artistic Considerations for Today’s Audiences

When the terms art and mythology are used together in a phrase, it’s generally in a pre-20th century setting. The western canon, centered on the Roman and Greek, gives images that provide a handy means for the Renaissance ruling elites. The solution was to mix deniable carnality with moral metaphors in both institutional and household contexts.

This has shown to be a successful and strategic formula for decades to come. Anthony Lister has made his fair share of contributions by adapting classic crafts to appeal to new audiences. This post will walk you through his thinking process for maintaining and exhibiting mythological and superhero-based modern art forms.

Is Anthony Lister an Ancient Soul or Contemporary Maestro?

So, the first issue is, where does Anthony Lister fit into today’s society and its context? Is he an elder soul departing the informality of street art? Is he a contemporary master’s platform for a new artist? You may, of course, be the judge of that.

Anthony Lister employs a method that properly represents the history of art and its mark-making. He does this by attaching a tiny roller brush to the extended handle’s end and painting with a long pole. Anthony Lister’s paintings captivate the present audience by reminding them of ancient gods and their majesty.

Throughout the show, the ancient Greek mythological tale is featured. The alter creates divine figures for the audience to adore. In the instance of Anthony Lister, history exposes viewers to superheroes. However, for the audience, the paintings may depict a fight between the ancient Titans and the Olympians, the younger gods.

Anthony Lister’s creative streak is evident in all of his modern artwork centered on mythology. He expertly crafts a romance. Anthony does it against a backdrop of tones, clashing hues, and sloppy abstracted lines.

Reflective Past for Today’s Audiences

Anthony Lister hopes to give a retrospective perspective for current audiences via his superhero-based artwork. The materiality of the paintings has significant traces of this reflection. With his artwork, Anthony Lister seeks to provoke modern audiences with concerns about good and evil, moral problems, and a democratic arena for right and wrong. This reading was a timely nod to figures of justice and politics. Anthony Lister has had over 15 years of worldwide exhibits, and the Thousands Amazing the Great curates his superhero artwork at its first Australian Institutional Gallery.

By employing the superheroes framework, Anthony Lister demonstrates his concern with immortality and current mythology. In addition, all of the individuals in his work wear masks, alluding to his profession as a well-known street artist. Anthony Lister intended to welcome a future for his series by abandoning his regular diptych duos.

Artistic Inspirations for Anthony Lister

Gimblett and Henri Matisse are two of Anthony Lister’s main influences, particularly for his superhero series. Max was Anthony Lister’s tutor in New York City, and he has subtly incorporated his master’s working technique into his paintings. Max painted with a mop while guiding the young artist. He was keeping an eye on the size of the canvas. In monochrome figurative expressionism, Max also included gestural portrayals of movement.

Aside painting Max Gimblett, Anthony Lister was a big fan of Henri Matisse. By witnessing Henri utilize long poles to climb high regions, he encouraged a fragile and strange quality into his paintings.

Anthony Lister graffiti artist sydney

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