Benefits of Student Visa in Australia – A Quick Guide

Are you interested in studying in Australia? Why not! Australia has the best schools and colleges across the globe and is one of the top 10 student destinations of the world. Today we will discuss the major benefits of having a student visa in Australia.

You can work and study simultaneously

Yes, that is right! You might have heard people saying that they paid their tuition fee on their own. This is because the Australian student visa allows students to work part time as well as study.

However, the timings of the work are different for students than permanent residents or citizens of Australia, yet it is enough to earn some extra pocket money.

According to the laws, an international student can work for up to 40 hours per 2 weeks, that is 20 hours per week on an average. However, this time limit is not applicable during holidays.

Many students are not aware that Australian institutions provide 3 months summer break and one month winter break. Students can make enough money to handle their expenses like cost of living and tuition fee.

You can apply for temporary graduate visa and stay longer in Australia

It is another major benefit for an international student visa. Once you graduate, you become eligible to stay in Australia for a longer duration and gain work experience here through a temporary graduate visa stream.

This visa includes two streams – graduate work stream and post study work visa stream.

Graduate work stream is for students who have specific skills and qualifications that match the demand of the Australian job market. A list of occupations is already specified. Students who have relevant skills related to those occupations, they can apply for a graduate work stream and stay in Australia for up to 18 months.

The post study work stream allows students to get higher education and work in Australia for up to four years. The period of stay in this stream depends on the level of education an international student has such bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees.

You can bring your family along!

Who wants to live without their family in another country! Not everyone can do that. Moreover, why should you when the Australia immigration laws give you the opportunity to bring your family members like dependent child, spouse, dependent parents etc. to Australia. The family members can stay until your course completes or the validity of your student visa expires. They also get the same rights as you. For example, post graduate students get full work rights so their family members eligible to work in Australia will also get the same rights. Isn’t that a fair rule?

Important information regarding student visa Australia

  • The duration of your stay depends upon the duration of the course you pick. So it can be as short as 6 months and as long as 6 years. However, you must note that to be eligible for student visa in Australia you must choose a study program which has a duration of 12 and 52 weeks.
  • Student visas can be renewed as long as you want to study in Australia. You can take one course after another and renew your student visa based on the duration of your studies. However, we suggest that you should have a valid reason for renewal of your visa. It should seem genuine to the immigration authorities otherwise they may question you.
  • The cost of a student visa is less than AUD700 which is much more reasonable than any other visa cost. You can check the latest cost for a student visa in Australia on the Home Affairs website of Australian immigration.

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