Benefits of Using Cardboard for Custom Candle Boxes

You’ve probably already heard of the importance of Eco-friendly packaging for your candles, and that’s certainly true. With a growing population of environmentally-conscious consumers, it’s important to make your packaging choices accordingly. Consider using recycled, biodegradable, or recycled Kraft paper for your Custom Candle boxes. This kind of paper is compostable, recyclable, and made from renewable resources. If you’re concerned about your company’s brand image, you should consider eco-friendly options as well.

High quality material

When it comes to packaging, a good custom candle boxes should be made from a high quality material. Candles are fragile and the box you choose should be able to protect them from physical damage. Cardboard is a good choice for many reasons. It is a durable and tough material that is available for a reasonable price. It is also an eco-friendly option. Here are some benefits of using cardboard for candle boxes.

First of all, a sturdy box will protect your candles during shipping and validate your customer’s purchase. You can choose from two printing finishes. High-gloss printing increases the saturation and sheen of the color. On the other hand, a matte coating has a more muted appearance and matches darker color palettes and minimalist designs. Choose a printing finish that matches your brand and the look of your candles.

Personalized design

Customized candle boxes can boost your brand’s reputation. They’re a great way to showcase your logo and create a lasting impression. If you’re looking to sell your candles as gifts, a custom-designed box will be a valuable part of your promotional campaign. Here are some tips to create the perfect candle box. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, consider window printing or hot foil stamping. These methods will give your boxes a shiny, mirror-like finish.

Decorative candles will look great displayed in a custom-designed candle box. They look beautiful and attract customers to purchase them. These boxes can be designed to catch the customer’s eye from a distance and communicate the highest level of quality and sophistication. In addition to the beauty of the product itself, candle boxes can also improve a brand’s reputation and boost sales. Therefore, it’s important to consider the style of your packaging when creating your product.


To sell candles, you must offer them in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. The right type of box minimizes the ecological impact. As customers are becoming more concerned about the environment, you must stay on the right side of this trend. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this. For starters, you can choose an eco-friendly Kraft paper. This type of paper is made from renewable resources and is recyclable and compostable.

Cardstock is another sustainable option for eco-friendly custom candle boxes. It is made from recycled paperboard, which is both recyclable and sturdy enough to hold candles. There are many different types of cardstock available, including matte, glossy, and recycled options. You can choose between these different finishes to fit your preferences. You can also choose a metallic finish, a matte finish, or a blend of these. Choose the one that best fits your product, and consider how many boxes you will need to make.


There are several options for the material you choose for custom candle boxes. You can choose a high-quality cardstock that is durable and thick. You can also opt for a smooth matte finish. Cardstock is ideal for smaller candle boxes, as it offers the best absorbent surface for high-resolution printing. However, if your candle box is designed to protect a larger product, you may want to consider corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is ideal for heavier products and shipping purposes, but the printing results are subdued.

Custom packaging is the ultimate form of brand promotion. By choosing a custom candle box, you can let your customer see the product without opening it. There are several design options available, including window and hang tab packaging. These boxes can speak quality and match the size and weight of your candle. To further enhance your brand image, you can hire a professional design agency to help you style the custom candle box. Here are some tips to ensure the success of your packaging project:


Whether you’re looking to promote your new brand or simply want to increase the visibility of your product, there are many different options available to create the perfect packaging. Custom candles come in a variety of shapes, and you can even print your brand colors on them. To add an extra touch, you can also use windowpane boxes with a window to view the product inside. Candles are no longer just functional items but are now also used as decorative pieces. Your packaging is almost as important as the product itself. A poor looking candle box can narrow down the chance of a soled sale.

If you aren’t sure about how much to spend on custom candle packaging, the good news is that there are no minimum orders. You can order as few as one box or as many as twenty thousand. Standard candle box printing will take 10 to 15 days. However, if you are short on time, you can always choose an expedited service, which will allow you to receive your order faster. Sample boxes are usually produced in five business days.

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