small business ideas

small business ideas

Video Production Business

My daughter worked as an intern for a woman who ran a small video production company. She specialised in creating videos for small to medium-sized businesses, such as company overview videos, advertisements, and other marketing videos. She worked full-time at the company but supplemented her efforts with part-timers.

With businesses of all sizes engaging in digital marketing, and digital marketing increasingly requiring videos rather than still photography, video production is in high demand. If you want to get into this industry, try to specialise. For example, you might want to concentrate on real estate broker videos or videos for food providers.

You could, of course, concentrate on non-business videography, such as weddings or sporting events. Everyone desires fantastic videos! You could also concentrate on live video streaming. See our BusinessTown course, Use Live Video Streaming to Promote Your Business, for more information.

If your video shooting and editing skills aren’t quite up to par, you should target smaller businesses that are more concerned with staying within budget than with getting Hollywood quality. Nonetheless, I would make certain you understand some of the fundamentals. Even the most seasoned TV production crews have difficulty getting good lighting – and what a difference good lighting can make! Background music can also make a significant difference.

To get good references and have first-rate work to display on your website, do an outstanding job on your first assignments. What if you started before you got your first client? Showcase some of your personal videos if they are appropriate. Also, make a professional-looking short video to promote your own services and use it as your calling card.

To attract customers, you’ll need to ramp up your digital marketing, just like the other businesses on this list. Because this is a competitive industry, you’ll want to develop a specialisation and a unique twist to your business as you develop your business plan.

Podcasting Business

Yes, you can make a fortune in the podcasting industry. For example, Joe Rogan’s podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, was licenced to Spotify for over $100 million in an exclusive multi-year deal. Joe covers a wide range of topics, including neuroscience, sports, wealth, comedy, and culture, unlike most podcasts.

On the other hand, most people struggle with podcasting. There is fierce competition. As a result, building an audience can take time, effort, and a little luck. If you want a low-risk, consistent income business, you should look at the repeat customer, consistent income service businesses on this list.

For most people, the key to successfully monetizing a podcast is not just having a large audience. It’s focusing on one subject and becoming well-known for it. And forging a strong bond with your audience. You’ll want to express yourself in your own unique and authentic way. You should also do your podcasts on a regular basis, at least once a week.

Podcasting software is available for free online. And you can get a microphone to plug into your computer for a few dollars that will vastly improve your sound quality – don’t rely on the built-in microphone. To be successful with your podcast, you’ll need to carefully plan your business and then promote it relentlessly! Learn how to promote your podcast on the internet in every way possible. And don’t just tell new users about it. Maintain a strong relationship with your current customers. Consider connecting with them through social media, email, and a blog on your website in addition to your podcast.

Clothing Line

Isn’t it exciting to have your own clothing line? It is now easier than ever before. You can outsource production and sell your products online. You can sell on platforms like Amazon and eBay, or through your own website, or even to traditional retailers.

You can start small and grow your clothing line at your own pace. Ralph Lauren began his fashion empire by selling a few neckties to local stores in New York City. Phil Knight began working for Nike part-time while maintaining his day job as an accountant. He began by selling track and field shoes that he had imported from a Japanese sneaker company.

Even if you have no prior experience in the industry, you can start your own clothing company. My friend Rudy Glocker, for example, left a career in finance to start his own clothing line, Burgeon Outdoor. Rudy specialises in outdoor clothing for the mountainous region where his company is based.


I recommend that you start your clothing line with just a few fabulous items. Find a manufacturer who can consistently produce a high-quality product. Give it some extra effort up front, just like any other business, by carefully designing your business and your first products.

Create a comprehensive marketing strategy. Even if you choose to sell on an established platform like Amazon or eBay, I recommend that you create your own online presence, which should include a website, an email list, and social media – which is especially important for clothing. This will not only help you attract new customers, but it will also help you generate repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Consider renting a booth or a table at a trade show if you want to attract traditional retailers. You’ll probably want to avoid the larger shows, such as Magic, at first in order to secure a spot at the smaller, less expensive shows.

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