Best locations for student accommodation in Birmingham and Bath

The University of Birmingham and the University of Bath are two popular locations for international students to study in the UK. Both universities have a wide variety of  accommodation options available, from halls to student houses. Some students to live off-campus on their own or with friends within designated areas close to campus.

The top universities in Birmingham and Bath are the University of Birmingham, the University of Bath, Aston University. Birmingham City University, Newman University, University College Birmingham and Bath Spa University,

Accommodation in Birmingham:

When it comes to student accommodation in Birmingham, some of the locations are not far from campus (approximately 30 minutes on public means) and are situated near shops, market, and restaurants for your convenience. These include:


Edgbaston is a quiet suburb with lots of green spaces, which offers pristine en-suites and self-catered facilities in the campus halls. It has good transport links to the city centre too!


Harborne is a residential area much closer to the city centre and it has a vibrant student community. The hall of residence offers en-suites in a range of Dining packages too!


Bournbrook is located very close to the bus station and city centre, this makes it an ideal location for students who want to live close enough but don’t want to be living right on campus. It is also more expensive than Edgbaston or Harborne Halls.

Selly Oak:

 This suburb of Birmingham has its own train station which gets you directly into the city centre in about 15 minutes! There are many student houses available here if you prefer your private space instead of living in the hall of residence.

 Accommodation in Bath

There are other popular locations for accommodation in Bath too, such as Claverton Down, Coronation Road and Bristol Road.

Claverton Down: 

This location is nearest to the University’s Sports Centre and Central Library and is budgetted!

Coronation Drive: 

There are 5 halls of Residence within this area located within walking distance from the city centre, which make it ideal for students who don’t want to get stuck without any transport links at all!

Bristol Road: 

As one of the most central areas you can find both en-suite and self-catered rooms in a range of facilities, this is also close to the campus restaurant.

There are definitely pros and cons for both students who choose to live off campus or on campus. Living at university gives you more access to sports facilities and societies whilst allowing you to face the outside world as an adult. You can always move out of halls into a flat or house if you prefer.

It will be an amazing stay for you if you choose to stay here, the accommodations near university are amazing and students will not have any problem throughout their stay, the advantage that staying here has is that the place is near you campus you can easily commute to your campus, be near your university and enjoy your stay as long as you need it.

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