best way to backup office 365 email

Best Way to Backup Office 365 Email

Are you looking for an instant solution to Backup Office 365 Email ? If yes, then you are on the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best methods to backup Office 365 using both manual and professional solutions. Read this article completely to find out the best solutions you have been looking for.

“Why are users only interested in the best approach to back up Office 365 emails?” This is because an Office 365 account contains a lot of personal information about a user that must be kept safe at all times. Every Office 365 customer is familiar with Microsoft’s cloud-based service, which offers a variety of functions and user-friendly services. However, there will come a time when you will require backup. Even if there is no immediate need or urgency, it is natural for most users to protect their data.

Large enterprises, in particular, want to use Office 365 backup best practices, but there are so many that it’s difficult to know which is the best. That’s why, the primary goal of this post is to present you with the ideal approach for creating a backup of your Microsoft 365 data. Creating a backup is the greatest way to protect your data from risks such as hacking, malware attacks, and unintentional deletion. The best choice for accessing data at any time is to save it on local storage.

How? Let’s have a look.

Which method is the most effective for backing up Office 365 email?

Now, when researching choices, you may come across a plethora of strategies and solutions, but no one knows which is the greatest.

Here, we’ll go through the most beneficial strategy that any professional would recommend.

This option is the Advik Office 365 Backup Tool, which is capable of exporting emails from your account in bulk and is given by tech specialists. It is capable to download emails from your mailbox without difficulty and in less time without changing the folder’s structure. Going with the expert’s recommendation for email backup is one of the Office 365 backup best practices.

Take a look at the tool’s steps.

How to Backup Office 365 Using an Automated Approach?

  1. First of all, launch the software and go to the Setup menu and enter your Office 365 email account credentials and press the “Login” button.
  2. After that, choose the required email folders and move on further.
  3. Select “PST” or any other as a file format from the list of multiple saving options.
  4. Browse the destination path as per your choice.
  5. After you’ve completed the first step, you may press the “Backup” option to start Backup process.

Smart Features of Office 365 Backup Tool

  • It easily saves emails as a backup to the system’s desired place.
  • The ability to download emails in bulk or in batches at one go
  • Emails, contacts, calendars, and other objects can all be exported.
  • By using a Date-filter, you can download data selectively.
  • With the help of Concurrent Backup, you can speed up the procedure.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy to keep the folder structure the same.
  • Save data using the Naming Convention option, such as Subject, Subject + Date.
  • If necessary, rerun the Full Backup operation or retry the failed items.

Manual Way to Backup Office 365 Email

The Content Search eDiscovery Tool of Office 365 is used in the manual method described here.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. To begin, log in to your Office 365 account using administrator credentials.
  2. To see if this is one of Office 365 backup best practices, open the Admin Center and change the eDiscovery administration to make it visible.
  3. Then, in the left pane, select Search and then Content Search.
  4. Start a new search by selecting New Search from the Content Search menu.
  5. Give the new search a name and a description, then click Next.
  6. Select the location or search for the mailboxes you wish to back up, then click Next. If necessary, filter the mailboxes before pressing Start Export.
  7. When the process is finished, save the results to your local storage, and the data will be stored in PST format, which is the Outlook data file format.

Is manual method to backup Office 365 email is not an best option?

  • When utilizing the manual way to create a backup of the data, it may take much longer than planned. That’s why, the treatment is lengthy.
  • It occasionally fails to backup certain data files, such as emails, contacts, or calendars.
  • This approach necessitates technical understanding, unskilled users will be unable to use it successfully.
  • With no guarantee of error-free and comprehensive backup, there is a considerable danger of data being altered.


Without a doubt, everyone wants the best solution to backup Office 365 email, but no one knows which one to use. You can now tell which way is the best and which is not using the methods described in this article. In comparison to the manual option, the software is recognized to be the best because of all the ways it makes the procedure simple and pleasant.

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