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Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala for an Exciting Holiday

There are several wildlife reserves in Kerala that are home to rare species, ancient trees coated in moss, and deeply rooted mangroves. Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, and Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary are a few of the well-known wildlife sanctuaries. Kerala Tour Packages from Nagpur can be opted to explore the amazing wildlife in Kerala with your family, friends, or your loved ones.

Kerala, often known as God’s Own Country, is well-renowned for its beaches, gorgeous landscapes, and soothing ayurvedic therapies. The state is located on Southern India’s Malabar Coast and has a rich cultural history. Kerala’s breathtaking lagoons, rich vegetation, colourful dance traditions, and seductive waterfalls have enchanted us all. Let’s now explore the renowned and breathtaking wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park, Idukki

Eravikulam National Park is home to some of Kerala’s top wildlife sanctuaries. Which is renowned across the globe as the sacred refuge of the Tahr, an endangered goat-like creature that lives in the Western Ghats. The largest national park in India, Eravikulam, is located in Munnar and covers an area of 97 square kilometers. Anamudi peak, the tallest mountain in South India, is also located in the park. This national park in Kerala is a favorite destination for Munnar sightseeing because it is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. To appreciate the splendor of nature, visitors throng this national park.

Strategically located in the Idukki district’s Devikulam Taluk lies the Eravikulam National Park. It’s home to numerous endangered species and other vibrant wildlife. One of the main draws of the area is the Neelakurinji flower, a little blue blossom that blooms every 12 years. This is one of Kerala’s top national parks for climbing and trekking in addition to soaking in the spectacular vistas. The magnificent fauna line includes Nilgiri langurs, Indian bison, leopards, and epiphytic orchids, among other fascinating plant life.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest and one of the most well-known Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala. It is a prime example of diverse and active wildlife. The 350 sq km area, which is spread across 925 sq km of protected woodland, was later designated as a national park in 1982. As it is home to a sizable population of tigers and elephants. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary also includes tiger reserves and elephant reserves. It is one of the most well-known wildlife sanctuaries in South India and is well-known for its abundance of wild elephants and deep Western Ghats forests.

Nilgiri langurs, Gee’s golden langurs, lion-tailed macaques, and bonnet macaques are the four main species that can be spotted at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in addition to tigers and elephants. Tourists can take pleasure in boating on Periyar Lake and can have a thorough understanding of Periyar’s diverse wildlife by going on a Jeep Safari or even an elephant safari. Book Kerala Tour Packages from Nagpur and get ready to explore the amazing wildlife of Kerala. 

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Munnar

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a part of the Western Ghats, is located in Munnar, Kerala’s Idukki district. This wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 90.44 km square acres. The wildlife refuge is home to a variety of native plants, many of which are medicinal. One of the top tourist destinations in Kerala is the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of wildlife species such as the spotted deer, gaur, tufted grey langur, crocodile, leopard, and grizzled giant squirrel.

In the government-protected Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can take in the beauty of the fauna and flowers in their natural settings. This wildlife sanctuary is a great place to go hiking because of the variety of deciduous woodlands it has. Tourists can customize a 3-hour trip and overnight camping experience based on their interests. The tour involves wildlife and bird watching in addition to butterfly watching, plant and herb exploration, visiting historical places, and other activities. If you want to feel excited when visiting the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, be sure to appreciate the hiking routes there.

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, Kollam

Kollam, one of Kerala’s most stunning wildlife sanctuaries, is home to the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary, a pristine natural sanctuary. Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is the finest option for you if you’re a wildlife enthusiast who wants to witness animals running freely and take in the beauty of nature. Long, muddy hiking trails beckon visitors to take in the captivating beauty of evergreen woodlands. A beautiful scenic location is a Parappar Dam, which was erected across the Shendurney River from the sanctuary.

One of the endangered tree species, Glutatravancorica, also known as Chenkurunji locally, is found here. Trekking, camping, and boating are examples of ecotourism activities that provide fantastic opportunities to see a herd of deer. Idimuzhanganpara Nights and Kurumthotti Top Hut Camping, two programs for jungle trekking and camping. These are set up to allow visitors to experience the unspoiled beauty of the forests. This Kerala national park is one of the must-visit wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala for visitors to Kollam since it is covered in evergreen forests. It has an incredible array of plant species and a thriving wildlife population.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, one of Kerala’s most popular wildlife sanctuaries, is home to unique and endangered plant and animal species. The protected areas of Kerala’s neighboring states, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, encircle the wildlife sanctuary. Around this wonderful beauty are Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu, Nagarhole, and Bandipore in Karnataka. Since its establishment in 1973, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary has been a crucial component of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The wildlife sanctuary, which spans a 345 square km region. It’s divided into two sections like Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary.

Muthanga Falls is located on the sanctuary’s southern border, 18 kilometers from Sultan Bathery. Tholpetty, on the other hand, is located farther away from Thirunelli on the northern side. The Nagarhole Range in Karnataka encircles the Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary. Bandipore Tiger Reserve in Karnataka and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu encircle the Muthanga portion. The Kurichiat range in Kerala, which is recognized for its great biodiversity. The Sultan Bathery range and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary both abut it. In Kerala, Tholpetty and the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary are both must-see wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

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Silent Valley National Park

The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve’s mystical Silent Valley National Park received national park status in 1984.. According to folklore, Sairandhiri, another name for Panchali from the Mahabharata, and her husband, the Pandavas, took refuge in this location, giving rise to the name Sairandhrivanam. Both the beautiful Nilgiri Plateau and the verdant Mannarkkad Plains are visible to tourists. One of the most amazing treasures that nature has given to mankind is the national park in Kerala that protects the evergreen forest in the Sahya Ranges.

You will see animals such as the Lion-tailed Macaque, Panther, Sambar, Wild Pig, and Elephant during your journey. Silent Valley National Park contains tropical evergreen plantations. The River Kunti flows through Silent Valley National Park after leaving the Nilgiris Hills. The guests are even more mesmerized by the beautiful water and its delightful rushing sound.

One of the best South Indian states to travel to for a wonderful time in the company of nature in Kerala. Plan your trip to Kerala with Lock Your Trip and make your journey to Kerala even more exciting with these lovely national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

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