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Another year, another fantastic Ramadan 2022 month! It’s the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and it’s the time of year when Muslims throughout the globe fast from sunrise to sunset to mark this sacred month. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the holy month of Ramadan, making it a particularly notable month. What makes Ramadan such a sacred month for Muslims? Let us mention the eight magnificent blessings that this holy month of fasting has bestowed upon us. Learn Quran online to get rewarded 70 times more by Allah.

  1. The Act of Fasting

Fasting is a benefit in and of itself since it is one of Islam’s pillars. A Muslim is made by the five pillars of Islam, which the Quran governs. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast.
Fasting is a sort of self-control in Islam. During the month of Ramadan, a Muslim must fast from food, drink, and sexual activities and refrain from negative thoughts. Fasting isn’t simply healthy for your physical health; it’s also helpful for your emotional and spiritual welfare.

  1. Multiplication of Rewards

You will get reward for your patience and honest commitment throughout Ramadan. During this holy month, you may receive these prizes by conducting good deeds and completing your obligations as a Muslim. Muslims who spend most of their time at the mosque during the holy month will be rewarded abundantly. Muslims who fast for Ramadan and then for the six optional days of fasting in the following month (Shawal) would be rewarded generously.

  1. Forgiveness of Sins

Ramadan is a month of forgiving as well as fasting. Allah SWT is the most forgiving of all of his believers. Most Muslims would employ this holy month to seek forgiveness for the sins they’ve done in the previous year, whether deliberate or accidental

  1. Door of Rayyan

The Door of Rayyan (also known as Ar-Rayyan) is one of the doors of Heaven that is for Muslims who fast throughout Ramadan. On the Day of Judgment, individuals who are sincerely devoted to fasting throughout the holy month will enter via this door. This is a benefit since it improves Muslims’ afterlife and gets them closer to Paradise. In the hereafter, Allah SWT will reward those who are diligent and constant in their prayer and Muslim obligation.

  1. Pre-dawn Meal (Sahur) Sehri in Ramadan

How many have ever been too weary or lethargic to wake up before sunrise to take your pre-dawn meal (Sahur)? I’m sure a few of you have done it at least once before, with your parents constantly tugging you out of bed. Did you understand that every pre-dawn meal during Ramadan comes with a secret blessing?

From a religious standpoint, Muslims gain from seeing the beginning of their fast at sunrise while also conducting their morning prayers. From a medical perspective, Sahur (Ramadan Sehri) gives Muslims enough energy to endure the whole day, preventing dehydration and physical weakness. A Muslim should be active and cheerful during his fast rather than dozing all day. We hope this list may inspire you if you’re seeking something to do during fasting.

  1. Breaking of Fast (Iftar) in Ramadan

Muslims who were fasting would break their fast after sundown (at the call for evening prayer) (during the call for Maghrib prayer). As a Muslim completes a day of worship to Allah SWT, breaking their fast for the day, or Iftar is a gift. There are two pleasures for the fasting person, one at the time of breaking his fast and the other when he meets his Lord. Then he will be happy because he fasts. The people will continue on the correct path as long as they expedite their breaking of the fast.

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  1. Recitation of the Quran

It is only natural that Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Quran by reading lines from the Holy Book throughout the month of Ramadan. Fasting throughout Ramadan would not be complete without reading the Quran

The benefits of reading the Quran on any regular day are already incredible, but reciting it during Ramadan is 1000 times better. Learn Quran online in Ramadan at home with online Quran academy.

  1. Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Power)

Every month of Ramadan, the Night of Power or Decree (Laylatul Qadr) happens on one of the final ten nights. The specific time and date have remained a secret to all Muslims. Still, as stated in the Quran, the benefits of your suitable activities and prayers on this auspicious night will double incredibly.

Muslims encourage to spend the last ten nights of Ramadan (often overnight) undertaking different acts of devotion. Such as extra sunnah prayers, remaining at the mosque at night and reading the Quran.

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