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Book Marketing: How To Rank Books On Page 1 Of Google By Self-Publishing?

As you can imagine, visiting the first page of Google search results is very important. Google, the world’s largest search engine, is able to rank for specific keywords related to books to attract new potential buyers and relevant organic traffic to book pages. However, competition for many of your desired keywords can be fierce, so it is increasingly important for authors to employ advanced book marketing strategies to get their books featured on the first page of Google search results.

Remember, Google’s purpose is always to make more money. So keep that in mind when following my book marketing strategies. When a customer makes a keyword search, the Google search algorithm takes several factors into consideration. The most important of book marketing factors are:

  • Association
  • Sales conversion
  • Google Sales Rank (optional, but maybe useful)

Now that you know this, you can imagine asking yourself the following questions: How can I use these book marketing strategies to get my one-page book? Can you do it?

For now, we only deal with the three most important book marketing factors. Let’s look at these in turn.


Association is an important book marketing factor. If the keyword you’re targeting isn’t included in the title, subtitle, or description of the book, you’re unlikely to get a high score in Google search results. So a book on “mountain biking” helps you understand why you don’t get high marks for “French Cuisine” or “Historical Romance.”

Sales conversion

This is a very important book marketing factor. If 10 people are searching for a certain keyword and most of them go on to buy your book, Google will like your book and thank you in the search results.

Google Sales Rank

This is Google’s ranking of your book based on recent sales. So if your book hasn’t sold a lot in the past few weeks, that’s bad for your SEO results.

So how do you get to the top of Google search results?

Well, very simple, you or the book advertising site you promote your book to selected readers and check how many of them are willing to buy your book. Your book promoter will send them an email with your desired keywords and a link to your book.

As a result, new readers proliferate, searching for desired keywords and purchasing books. This will satisfy the Google search criteria for relevance, sales conversion, and Google sales rank and will appear on the first page of Google search results within a few days.

Is it too good to consider reality?

Now let’s see how we implemented this book marketing factor in the previous book. If you can, I hope you have no reason to implement it too.

For my first ad campaign, I decided to target “vanity news.” You can see the result here.

Wow-what a wonderful thing! My book is not only on the front page but at the top of Google search results due to successful book marketing. As a writer, it’s exciting to see this happen, and I must admit I’m delighted. You’ll want to repeat what the deli lady said in the movie “When Harry Met a Lover,” “I have everything she has.” It might not be an orgasm, but it does sound good. Note: If you don’t remember this scene from the movie, check it out on YouTube.

For Sales Conversion, we had a lot of people on the street team search and buy books. Therefore, we estimate that the sales conversion rate is well above average, around 65%. Note: The “street team” is usually a group of people you can trust to buy books. They’re usually fans of your previous books, beta test readers, or friends and family. They play an important role in your book advertising.

According to ghostwriting experts a few days ago, Google Sales Rank launched a small promotion to ensure sales were already on the rise.

So does this approach work for other authors like you? If you pay attention to the three main reference points I mentioned, it certainly is.

Here’s another example of successful book marketing from a book.

Here I am promoting a British spy novel called Dead Man Down. This is clearly visible at the top of the three books listed. The third is the very successful writer Robert Harris.

You will see that the search results shown here are for the search term “British Spy Fiction.” Yes, I used the method above to make this book #1 in Google search results. It’s not easy because the search term is not included in the title of the book, but I have confirmed that it is included in the book keywords that can be selected using Kindle Direct Publishing.

Now, as a great example of book marketing, we picked a book that wasn’t in the top 100 search results for a particular keyword and moved it to the top. Similar to the nature of disruptive marketing, this doesn’t mean it will stay on top of the competition for Google Page 1 for long. But if you keep the three reference points I mentioned, you can keep them for a long time.

Now it is your turn. As a beloved comedian, Robin Williams instructed him in the movie Dead Poets Society, “Just in time. Choose the day. Make your life special.” Well, at least your book.

With the options I just revealed, it’s possible to put your book on the first page of Google search results. As the author, there are two main ways to achieve this.

  1. If you are an author who likes to sell yourself and have a big enough street team to help you, you need to follow the techniques I explained to you. Obviously, the more competitive your target search terms, the more sales and conversions you need, but in the end, as I’ve shown how I do it myself, you need to hit.
  2. Another option is for authors who don’t want to spend time selling books and just want to focus on writing. In this particular case, hire a virtual assistant or book promoter to get these results.

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