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The word Root canal often gives us jitters and paints a memory of extreme pain, and also extremely expensive. This endodontic process of root canal treatment can be anxious to those who are not thorough about how this dental treatment works and its benefits.

This unawareness has led to the building up of common misconceptions and myths that root canal treatment is painful and might cause further damage than cure. However, there is no scientific fact attached to these misconceived notions.

Contrarily, a root canal is less painful than extraction and can even save your infected tooth. Overall, it is an extremely convenient treatment. But before you think of it, do consult your dentist.  


Now let us bust the myths from the root itself by getting treated from best root canal treatments in eminent dental clinics in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai.   


 Root canal treatment is excruciatingly painful  

This fact would still have had some ground a decade ago, but today root canal treatments do not hurt.  It is now as easy as getting filled. Thanks to the evolution of modern technology and efficient local anaesthesia, root canal treatment does not cause any discomfort.  

  root canal

A lot of time goes into the root canal treatment  

There is the ongoing misconception that a root canal treatment takes up a lot of time visiting the dentist’s office. But, in today’s age, where dentists are using efficient technology, the treatment can be easily completed in a minimum of two visitations from reputed dental clinics in Hyderabad. 


The root canal is needed if the crown is not affected  

There is another misconception that if the tooth’s crown is intact, root canal treatment is needed. In reality, this is not the case. If it at all root canal treatment is needed on a crowned tooth, it means that tooth decay has surpassed the enamel and has affected the pulp of the tooth.  


Root canal treatment involves removing the root of the tooth  

In a root canal treatment, the dentist does not remove the root of the infected tooth, but the pulp where the decay has taken place.  


Root canal treatment is harmful to women  

Pregnant women do get root canal treatment. The X-ray done is just on the mouth with minimal radiation exposure. Local anaesthesia is also safe for women in gestation, but it is important to let your dentist know about the case of pregnancy before the treatment. Consult from the best dental clinics in Hyderabad for expecting mothers and have a team of expert dental specialists to handle such cases.  


Extraction is better than a root canal  

Saving your tooth is important for proper digestive functions like eating and chewing. With extraction, you may lose out on your natural tooth. although you can use implants, it is extremely expensive. A root canal done in time can save your natural teeth from decay and loss.  

 With extraction, the shape of the jaw might be affected as the vacant gum might be rubbing with the surrounding teeth. The jawline might be disrupted because of extraction.  

Secondly, even if you install implants or artificial teeth, it needs to be changed. The implants also will not give a feel of a real tooth.  

With Root canal treatment, a part of the real tooth can be saved.  

  dental implants

It can lead to more diseases 

There is a direct link between tooth decay and heart diseases. If you do not clean up your pulp, it can lead to heart attack and lung diseases. Root canal treatment prevents these diseases. There is no such medical proof that claims root canal treatments lead to further diseases.  


The tooth will eventually come out even after the treatment 

After you get the root canal treatment, it is imperative that you follow up with your dentist and go for regular check-ups. Also, maintaining good oral hygiene can help the natural tooth last for a lifetime.  


Well, now your doubts are clear, why not visit the best dental clinics in Hyderabad or whichever metro city of India you are residing in and know thoroughly what to expect out of the root canal treatment and how it is suitable for your dental care. 

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