By doing Chandra Chakra Yoga, both the body and the mind get benefits

The practice of Chandra Chakra Yoga is like the light of the moon, giving coolness and peace to the mind, knowing its benefits and method of practice.

Yoga has been practiced in India for centuries to keep the body and mind calm and fit. Seeing the benefits of yoga asana, today people all over the world practice it. According to different positions of the body different yogas are practiced. And people practice Surya Namaskar to give energy to the body and keep fit. Likewise, Chandra Namaskar is practiced to keep the mind and body calm and healthy. The closest planet to earth is Moon. Moon is known for its calmness and coolness. The energy of the moon is simple, calm, and gives peace of mind. The moon visible on the full moon day is considered to be the most influential and important. Many yoga experts and yoga gurus believe that practicing Chandra Chakra Yoga on a full moon day is beneficial. Let’s know about it.

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Chandra Chakra Yoga:

Actually, Chandra Chakra Yoga is not a separate mode of yoga, but a yoga practice did keeps in mind the energy of the moon emanating on the night of the full moon. Practicing Chandra Chakra Yoga can give you coolness like a full moon and calm energy. Practicing Chandra Namaskar Yoga Just as people who practice yoga practice it in the cool light of the moon on a full moon night. It is believed that the practice of this yoga on the full moon day in the eight cycles of the moon is very beneficial. And its practice works to remove negative energy and emotions from the body and keeps the body and mind calm and healthy.

How to practice Chandra Chakra Yoga?

Chandra Chakra Yoga is practiced keeping in mind the energy of the full moon. Like Chandra Namaskar, this yoga pose is also practiced. There are nine major postures of this practice which are based on Chandra Namaskar. After meditating in the light of the full moon, its practice gives a very different experience. So let us know about the practice of Chandra Chakra Yoga.

1. Standing Mountain Pose or Tadasana

  • To practice Tadasana, first, stand with your feet at an equal distance.
  • Now bring your hand in the posture of salutation and come in this posture and breathe inwards.

2. Half Moon or Urdhva Hastasana

  • Move your hands upwards while remaining in the position of Tadasana.
  • Now pull your body upwards with the help of your palms.
  • And keeping the feet on the ground while exhaling, press your left hip to the side while tilting the upper torso to the right.
  • Then while breathing in, come back to the normal position and practice it from the other side.

3. Utkata Konasana

  • Bend your knees directly over your toes, as you exhale.
  • And after this, do your hips in the sequence of a squat.
  • Then now, keeping the palms forward, take the arms to shoulder height and bend forward to 90-degrees.

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In addition, you can practice other methods of Chandra Namaskar. And if you are starting this asana, then first practice these three asanas and then meditate. Meditation will give you peace of mind while experiencing the coolness in the light of the moon. Practicing this will get rid of negative energy and mental stress on your body. Before starting the practice of any yoga asana, definitely get information about it. In the beginning, practice it only under the yoga teacher or supervision of an expert.

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