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Can CBD tinctures help with inflammation?

A tincture is a kind of medicine that is made up of CBD, which is a healing substance from the marijuana plant. CBD isn’t a cause of pain and doesn’t cause people to feel “high. Research suggests that CBD products can be helpful to treat and manage inflammation.

Although the CBD products we suggest are of high quality, their manufacturers cannot demonstrate third-party testing to prove that they work. We advise individuals to conduct research and buy CBD products from reputable companies.

Read on to find out more about CBD tinctures that are currently available in the market that could aid in reducing inflammation.

Is CBD legal? The 2017 Farm Bill removed hemp from marijuana’s legal definition within the Controlled Substances Act. This makes hemp-derived CBD products that contain lower than 0.3 percent THC legally legal. Yet, CBD products containing more than 0.3 percent THC remain within cannabis’ legal definition. This makes these products federally illegal, however legally regulated under state laws. Be sure to verify the laws of your state, particularly when you travel. Keep in mind it is the case that FDA has not endorsed nonprescription CBD products, and certain products could be mislabeled.

Difference between CBD tinctures vs. CBD oils

CBD Oils and tinctures are similar to each other, however some companies employ the two terms interchangeably. While both are in the category of oils however, they differ. The major distinction lies in the production process and the method used by producers to extract CBD

Tinctures are a kind of medicine that has alcohol as well as the extract of drugs.

Manufacturers make the CBD tincture by immersing cannabis in alcohol, and allowing it to infuse. By heating the solution slowly, it eliminates alcohol, resulting in the CBD-infused liquid.

Some manufacturers replace alcohol with carrier oil and add other ingredients.

To produce CBD oils for their products, manufacturers typically utilize gas extraction. They use CO2 to extract CBD from the plant.

Read beneficial effects of CBD supplements

A review for 2020 Trusted Source of the biological effects of CBD suggests that it may possess anti-inflammatory properties.

A study published in Molecules Trusted Source states that using CBD orally can have positive effects in the reduction of inflammation. Another study showed Trusted Source that applying CBD gel reduced pain and inflammation in rats suffering from arthritis.


There is not much research into CBD tinctures and CBD oils, and scientists do not know the long-term risk of either product.

If you’re experiencing any complications while using CBD products, stop taking them immediately and contact your doctor.

Some side effects include burning or tingling sensation in the mouth and swelling of the tongue mouth, swelling of the tongue, throat, or lips, and suddenly developing hives. However, these side effects are rare.

Any person taking medication that wants to take CBD products should first discuss the idea with their physician or a licensed CBD practitioner. They can evaluate any potential risks, allergies, as well as drug-drug interactions which could result in harm.

List of CBD tinctures and what they do

It is vital to understand that the following statements are solely based on research. None of us on Medical News Today (including the writer) has used these products.

There is very little evidence that CBD tinctures help inflammation but many people will want to try it. Some of these products to consider are these tincture or oil options.

Veritas Farms full-spectrum CBD tincture

The makers of the product describe it as an Italian Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Tincture – Peppermint Flavor – 1000mg.

This cannabis uses full-spectrum CBD, which contains phytochemicals found in the cannabis plant, including other cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There are minimal amounts of THC in this product.

This product has a variety of flavors and strengths. If you haven’t previously tried CBD products might wish to begin with a less dosage, like 250 milligrams (mg).

Nature CBD full-spectrum 1,000mg CBD oil drops/tincture

The full spectrum of 1,000 mg CBD tincture claims to provide 33mg of CBD as well as 5-10mg of cannabinoids per serving.

The website states that this item is made up of hemp that is grown on the farms of local people in Colorado, United States.

As the product contains twice the concentration of Absolute Nature’s CBD oil, this could be more cost effective for regular users.

Lazarus Naturals reviews their high potency CBD tincture

Manufacturers use ethanol-based processes to extract the CBD from the plant. They dilute it with organic hemp seed oil.

The tincture contains 50 mg of CBD in each ml. Available sizes include small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The makers of CBD oil do not add any flavors to the products, claiming that this preserves their quality and purity.

4 Corners of cannabis oral tincture

This product has the full spectrum hemp extract as well as the chemical limonene. It is the main ingredient in the citrus oil fruit peels. The research from the past Trusted Source suggests that limonene can provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

People who don’t enjoy the flavor of CBD might enjoy the coconut and orange flavors. It is possible to use the tincture straight from the bottle or mix it into drinks to enhance the flavor.

The manufacturer recommends that you hold the dose in their mouth for 30-60 seconds prior to taking the dose.

RE: Botanicals hemp CBD tincture full-spectrum

For 50 mg per bottle, the product claims 1,500 mg total CBD, roughly equivalent to one serving.

This full-spectrum hemp tincture has no flavor and is a source of MCT coconut oil. The company claims the product is completely free of fertilizers, pesticides, artificial flavors colorants, preservatives, and colors.

The RE: Botanicals website states that they give 1percent of their profits towards regenerative farming to help farmers cultivate healthier soils.

Don’t let anxiety defeat you

Anyone who is who are using CBD tinctures to treat their first-timer must consider options with a knowledgeable medical professional.

Always follow the instructions of the manufacturer when making use of CBD tinctures. It is usually a matter of shaking the bottle prior to use and then using the dropper to drop the required amount of drops on the tongue.

Some people may mix CBD tinctures in drinks or foods, but this could impact the strength. It is crucial to take only a small amount of CBD tincture at first, and then increase the frequency and dosage as time goes on.


CBD tinctures can be taken orally, or they can be added to food or drinks.

Certain studies suggest that CBD might have anti-inflammatory properties. This is why some individuals may decide to make CBD tinctures to to treat or reduce inflammation. If the inflammation is extreme and the person is experiencing pain, they may require medical attention.

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