Can Food Impact Your Sleep At Night?

If you carefully observe, you will find you are either eating or craving food most of the time throughout the day. It is a common human tendency. You even attach emotions to food. An interesting fact, right!

So, food has a unique role to play all in your life. It can impact your sleep also. Sometimes, sleep deprivation hits your health badly.

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You cannot think of starting your next day on a good note without a good night’s sleep. You may fall sick seriously when you don’t get sound sleep at night. It will have the worst effects if it continues like this.

While working on the factors, pay attention to your food habits also. Make sure you are taking food at the right time. Also, check what you eat before bed.

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Which foods can enhance your sleep?

For sound sleep, it is imperative to make the right food choices. When the sun sets, your body might need particular foods that enhance the metabolism process. Plus, this should support good sleep.

You must acknowledge that certain foods can trigger better sleep at night. Also, make sure if your body accepts these food items or your body reacts once you have them.

You cannot set everything based on logic. You have to understand what your body can accept. Be mindful of what you take, especially before going to bed.

It is because this can have an impact on your sleep. You can include food or drinks that have sleep-enhancing characteristics.

Foods you can try out to catch some good sleep

Taking heavy meals ahead of bedtime is not likely. Besides, caffeinated drinks are also not good before bed. They can directly hamper your sleep.

There is a food category that is the best food before sleep time. Reportedly, food items rich in carbohydrates are beneficial for sleep. If you are suffering from sleep problems, try not to get in bed with a full stomach. It means you need to control the quantity of food you take before bed.

Have a moderate dinner that satisfies your appetite. At the same time, it will help you sleep well at night.

The count begins here.


It is basically one type of tree nut. But you must keep it in your diet for its manifold benefits. The rich nutrients in it are good for your health.

The best part is that you can have them regularly. They are effective in controlling the effects of different chronic illnesses also.

This nut is full of monounsaturated fats, fibre etc. Its antioxidant attributes are suitable for treating long illnesses. It helps in generating melatonin hormones in the body.

This hormone holds the task of preserving the body clock. So, the body becomes alert when this nut produces melatonin inside your body. It sends a stimulus to the brain to prepare your body for sleep.

Besides, the magnesium content in this nut can influence your sleep. It eases inflammation and also controls stress-causing hormones. You can catch a good sleep once you are stress-free.


It is a useful packed with many benefits. The reason for having a banana before bed is that it contains magnesium. It helps in increasing the melatonin hormone inside the body.

This ensures you get good sleep. Furthermore, it provides carbohydrates to your body.

Bananas are easy to grab and eat before bedtime. Just peel off the skin and gulp it!


It is another fruit which also helps your body to generate melatonin hormone. You will find it in a special variety of tart cherries. Besides containing magnesium and phosphorous, it also comprises nutrients like potassium.

Research has shown that this fruit can boost your sleep. Also, it works wonders in enhancing the quality of your sleep.


Walnuts, like almonds, play a vital role in producing melatonin hormones inside the body. Besides, it has contents like healthy fats. All these together can gift you an undisturbed sleep at night.

It helps in controlling the appetite during the night. It is the primary reason behind good sleep. This tree nut also takes care of your heart health.

Studies have found that this nut helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol. Thus, it reduces the risk to your heart.

What should you avoid doing before bedtime?

Some basic rituals before bedtime can contribute to good sleep. These could be:


It can help to calm down your mind. It lets you focus on just breathing. Your mind will stop thinking about random things.

So, meditate before going to bed. Try to make it a habit.

Keep a gap between mealtime and bedtime

Try to have your dinner 3 to 4 hours before sleep. This keeps a gap between your mealtime and bedtime. If the gap is less than 2 hours, I prefer having light foods.

Besides, these foods should not disturb your sleep. So, eat mindfully before you wind up for the day.

Keep away your phone

Phones are a great source of distraction. Don’t scroll through your phone screen before you go to sleep. This can distract your mind and can delay your sleep.

The bottom line

You must get sufficient sleep. Otherwise, this can attract many health problems. Surprisingly, some foods can make your sleep better.

Yes, it is true! Taking certain foods can help you sleep better at night. Instead of researching further, you can dig through this guest post to get a comprehensive idea.

If you struggle to get good sleep at night, find out which foods can benefit you.

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