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Construction Drones: Everything you need to know

Construction Drones are an important part of any colony whether you like it or not.

They can provide several benefits to your colony, and they will often become your early game priority once the Research Table has been completed.

Construction Drone Frames start with 20 health; 10 movement speed; 6 power supply; 6 Hack stat; zero research points; zero items to pick up (and thus zero happiness).

The Construction Drone starts out completely sterile until it conducts its first upgrade at level one.

As Construction Drones continue to upgrade, they gain access to new abilities, additional statistics, and eventually acquire a unique personality trait.

If you take too long in building your drone(s), the Incubator Upgrade becomes available which up the incubation process by 5 seconds.

The Drone Frame is the head of your new Construction Drone, and while this may look cute, it’s what makes the whole thing tick.

The Drone Frame has two capabilities:

Hacking and Construction. Every time you conduct an upgrade on your drone, be it researching a new ability or acquiring a trait, you will need to spend (and thus deplete) 50 Research Points.

Researching Different Traits for Your Drone

There are four basic types of traits that can be researched for your drone; Worker Bee, Statistically Speaking, Stealth Mode, and Socialite.

Each of these mutations provides its own benefits along with some limitations; all in all, I’m not too fond of any one trait over another except for Socialite which I find to be completely worthless.

The Worker Bee trait will allow your drone to increase its movement speed by 5%.

The Statistically Speaking trait gives you a +1 Hack stat and a -1 Power every time you conduct an upgrade, this is great for keeping your Drone up to snuff with any changes that occur within the game ie.

Power becoming more of a necessity or how the mechanics of Hacking has changed which makes it more difficult each time you level it up.

The Stealth Mode trait reduces both the sight range and the sound range of your Drone by 50%, allowing it to be much stealthier than usual which can prove useful in many situations.

If your colony is being ravaged by pirate bots roaming around looking for something rich enough to destroy, this is a great trait to have.

If you are looking for a better way to travel around the colony without being readily detected by hostile NPCs, Stealth Mode might be right up your alley!

The Socialite trait has absolutely no use within the game and leaves me scratching my head every time I see someone recommend that it’s a good thing for drones to have.

The idea of having a drone roam around conversing with others just seems ludicrous if not completely dumb.

For those of you willing to spend Research Points on something so silly please stop yourself before your get carried away and do the colony a favor by making sure this useless mutation never sees the light of day again!

The Drone is capable of carrying a maximum of ten items, and it will acquire more storage space as it levels up.

Make sure to have ample supply stores throughout the colony so your drones can restock on whatever you need from time to time, especially in regard to Power.

Protip: You can use a drone in order to build another drone by having them both remain still in front of a workbench with an open inventory for at least two seconds.

This will allow you to create a second Construction Drone at no cost whatsoever!

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