Cost Effective Packaging Ways To Send Parcel To Your Customers

When it comes to making sure the safety of any item during the shipping phase, cardboard boxes always serves in the best manner. These boxes are robust in nature and can also work perfectly for saving the cost of the shipping process packaging due to their lightweight structure.

The Need For Packaging

The packaging is always important for ensuring the safety of any item as it works as the basic barrier for any sort of contamination and external factors to harm the product. The need for packaging is always vital in the shipping phase of a product, as this stage is full of risks associated with damage to the product. Custom cardboard boxes can be used for this purpose as they are superior in functionality and can be designed in accordance with the required dimensions of the product. Moreover, the manufacturers are always looking for the packaging designs that can help in ensuring safety, along with cutting the cost of shipping. Here are some tips that can help in saving the shipping cost.

Use Corrugated Material

When you are going to ship the products, the selection of the right packaging material is one of the biggest issues as different products require different protective qualities. Using cardboard packaging boxes wholesale can be the best solution as this material is highly customizable and can be tailored according to the needs of any product. Different sorts of inserts and laminations can be used for making the safety of the product ensured, and its lightweight structure also helps in cutting down the shipping cost.

  • The low weight structure of the corrugated cardboard boxes helps in the process of shipping as shipping rates are applied on the base of the weight of the package. These boxes are processed by using fluting technique which results in low weight, thus sturdy construction of the boxes.
  • These lightweight cardboard boxes are effective in cutting the cost of shipping, but they are themselves effective in cost.

Reduce The Packaging

The shipping charges are applied on the base of weight and dimensions of a box. How much space it consumes in the shipping container. In order to reduce the shipping cost. The basic thing that can be done is to reduce the size of the packaging. Always try to use the boxes that are in accordance with the dimensions of the product. Not oversized nor undersized. Small cardboard boxes can be used for this purpose as they are sturdy in nature and are effective when it comes to a high level of stacking. Moreover, packaging the products in customized boxes can also provide the consumers with the ultimate level of brand experience.

One Inch Rule

When you are packaging your products for shipping, it is always important to consider the one-inch rule. You have to place your product in the corrugated boxes. They are designed for shipping and should leave a space of one inch on the side. It is for padding and other sorts of inserts. This rule helps in making the safety of the packaged product. Moreover, the rule simply means that you will be using perfect size boxes wholesale. Thus you can save the high shipping cost due to reducing packaging.

Use Packaging With Grip

One other point which can help in the shipping process in order to minimize the cost of the process. Use of a cardboard box with handles. These boxes provide an enhanced level of grip to the packaged items. It means that the product will be handled effectively. Omitting any risk associated with the knocking and physical damage.

Promote Re-Run

If you are rational around where can you get cardboard boxes? There are a number of manufacturers in the industry. Dealing in packaging style and you can compare all of them to find the best that suits your budget. But once you have selected one printed cardboard boxes supplier. You should always promote re-run as sticking with one brand can help you in getting better rates of packaging. Different suppliers provide special discounts to their previous consumers. Getting packaging at low rates can help in cutting down the overall cost on the processes.

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