Cost of Living in Austria for students in 2022

The fee of dwelling in Austria varies from metropolis to town, but, on the whole, lodging can be expensive. If you are looking to find out every expense in the cost of living in Austria, then read this blog. This is particularly genuine if you prefer to purchase the property. Most practicalities, like grocery shopping, are easy, and there are a variety of supermarkets, consisting of Spar—which has 5 special stores—Lidl, Merkur, and others.

Costs of Living in Austria for students

Generally, we can say that they are really looking when in contrast to the prices of dwelling in different European countries. In Vienna and Salzburg, the month-to-month finances tiers between 900 and 1,300 Euros to cowl all your nonpublic prices (accommodation, food, social activities, and public transport. Cost of Living in austria depends on several things. Some of the things are discribed here.


Prices of lodging in Austria vary between 200 and five hundred Euros per month. The common lodging choice charge is around 250-270 Euros per month.

On average, college students who stay on their own pay around 356 Euros per month. Moreover, college students who continue to be in pupil housing pay around 260 Euros per month. Additionally, those who stay with an associate pay around 370 Euros per month. Finding out the things if you are pursuing MBA, MIM, or master’s in finance in Europe and figuring out how to navigate could be difficult.

Moreover, if you stay in huge cities like Vienna, lodging will be extra highly-priced than in others. The same goes if you stay in the metropolis core or shut to it. Accommodation part of the cost of living in Austria is cleared. Now lets move on to the food part.


The common fee for food is between 5 and 7 Euros. Soup charges around 7 Euros, whilst you can pay solely four Euros for the dessert. In the vacationer areas, costs vary between eleven and 18 Euros for a major meal. A three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant would fee between 15 and 35 Euros per person. The supermarkets have very lifelike prices. You can spend between one hundred sixty-five and 200 Euros per month to get your groceries. The most inexpensive grocery store chains are Hofer, Spar, and Billa.


Students under 26 years can get a bargain card that permits them to tour all over Austria for 1/2 the ordinary tariff. In Graz, you can get this card from the major education station. This would see you around 20 Euros. It is normally legitimate for one year. Also if you are planning to apply to study in Europe, then this country could provide you with free travel passes.

Cost of Education

Austria has a free public training machine and round 90% of Austrian teens go to these schools. On the other hand, personal secondary faculties can price as much as 55,000 EUR (60,600 USD) if the baby is boarding there and 35,000 EUR (38,550 USD) if they are solely attending from Monday to Friday.

A 12 months at an global major college can value 13,000 EUR (14,500 USD) per 12 months however there are faculties that cost as little as 5,000 EUR (5,505 USD). Boarding at an worldwide college can cost 64,000 EUR (71,400 USD) for a year.

Healthcare Costs

Social protection can pay for about 45% of complete healthcare charges in Austria. If you are employed in a full-time or part-time role (and you earn at least 438 EUR/488 USD a month), 18.12% of your earnings goes to social security. However, your company will make contributions half of of this. Public fitness insurance plan covers about 99% of the Austrian population.

A prescription can price round 6 EUR (7 USD). If you have non-public fitness insurance, you may be capable to get the prescription for free when you acquire it, or you can ship your receipt to the insurer for reimbursement.

Once you are insured in Austria you will obtain an e-card. You should exhibit this to medical doctors and pharmacists for less expensive (or free) care and medication.

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Utility Costs

Utilities payments in Austria are calculated primarily based on the measurement of the domestic as an alternative than the assets consumed. For example, Austrian households pay a total of 20 EUR (21 USD) per month for electricity. For the internet, fees vary from round 9 to eighty three EUR (10 to ninety one USD) relying on the dealer and speed. Generally, the quicker the net the greater costly it is. When we see utility cost as a whole of cost of living it is really low.

Natural fuel in Austria fees most households an common of 19 EUR (20 USD) per GJ. Households in Austria have a tendency to use between 20 and 200 GJ of herbal fuel per year. Water is generally paid collectively with waste removal, land tax, and sewage charges. This consignment will additionally generally encompass prices for maintenance, repairs, and constructing insurance. On average, residents can assume to pay between 1.80 to 3.50 EUR (2 to 3.90 USD) per month for this bill

Final Thoughts

Generally, dwelling prices are greater in the cities, however you need to save round and think about the place that exceptionally suits your finances and favored way of life. For example, Graz is Austria’s second-largest city, however it is one of the most low priced locations to stay in the country. Graz is also a UNESCO world heritage city mirrored in its fascinating architecture.

Linz is typically less expensive than Vienna and Salzburg. Linz has the River Danube, which is a famous amusement location for residents in the summer. The metropolis additionally has a complete tram and bus system. Hope your dubts on Cost of living in Austria is cleared.

As the capital city, Vienna has an top notch cultural offering—it is greater high-priced than smaller cities, however the fee of residing is nonetheless more cost-effective than different fundamental cities round Europe. Salzburg is quintessentially Austrian, with some magnificent Alpine views, plus the Salzach River that runs through the city, and close by Mondsee Lake.

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