Criteria for selecting and Evaluation Library Automation System

Selection and Evaluation Criteria for Library Automation Systems

Librarians administer society’s most important asset, as the public and school libraries provide 100% free educational materials. Libraries play a critical role in providing people the reliable space to explore, learn and comprehend.

Thousands of publications are housed at most schools and universities, with an entire building allocated to them. Managing these many publications is not an easy task for the librarians. Higher Education ERP integrated with the Library Management System is the solution to automate your library and ease processes.

How to Choose the Library Automation System?

Library Automation System makes it easier for librarians and admin staff to issue reading material, manage statuses, engage pupils, and do other activities. Choosing Library Management System is not always simple. Many elements impact the administration’s decision to choose a Library Automation System.  

Here are a few elements that admins need to look for in a Library Automation System.

Student Facing Interface

A librarian’s primary objective is to guide the students through various books and help them find the right book. You will need an efficient toolbox integrated with a variety of features. For example, a filtering option to filter out the required book. This will help the students find the right book in the plethora of books.


It is very important to have alternatives. You will need to create a personalized library program for better results. 

Cloud System

Cloud System provides you with strategic value, efficiency, and flexibility. Since the library will be completely automated, students can access it from anywhere and anytime. It will save a lot of time and effort. It should also include regular updates or auto-update to keep the library updated.


You can access, perform, and execute library services from anywhere! Accessibility gives you access to the software application from any location with an internet connection, including schools, computer laboratories, and homes.


Integrations help you get the most out of your library Management System. Optional features might help you save money. Most importantly, integrations allow you to maintain the partners with whom you are now working or wish to collaborate in the future.


Cost is an important factor. The cost of the software may be a tiny part of the whole system’s cost, and smarter software can dramatically lower running expenses. Annual maintenance costs and a new version of the package must be included when calculating costs to ensure compatibility with current and future systems.


Use your library software with confidence! When choosing a library management system, it is critical to choose one that will give you and your library the services and assistance you require.

Why do you need a Library Management System?

The librarian can use a library management system to keep track of library materials in a much more efficient and time-saving manner. The librarian can also handle the activities of issuing and paying for books. Students and librarians can use a library management system to keep track of the availability of all books in the shop.

Here is why you need a Library Management System

  • A library management system is the most useful and user-friendly system for administering all of the activities that occur in a library.
  • There will be no difficulties or doubts about safely keeping data and later checking for any individual’s record.
  • Any student searching for a book can find it and rent it just by signing in with their information. However, they should return it by the due date.

So, it’s not only about being able to demonstrate that your processes have been digitized. There’s a lot more to it than that. In terms of cost and time, a library automation system provides significant benefits to the library. 

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