Custom Cosmetics Boxes

For custom cosmetics boxes, you have plenty of choices to make. You can choose from corrugated cardboard, rigid stock, foiling, and sleeve styles. Learn about your printing options here. Ideal custom boxes offer digital printing, screen printing, and offset lithography. The company is fully equipped with the latest machinery and equipment. You can use the latest technology to print your boxes and choose from various printing options to maximize your brand exposure.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard for custom cosmetics boxes is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for packaging your products. Unlike other packaging materials, it can withstand rough handling. It comes in luxurious white and rustic Kraft (brown), and you can choose any color and size you need. It can be customized to fit any product you choose. Whether you need to promote your organic skincare line or luxury brands, corrugated cardboard is the way to go.

If you have a unique brand, a custom cosmetics box will make your product stand out from the competition. Custom packaging makes it easier for customers to see and remember your brand. Your cosmetic boxes will be visually appealing, allowing your customers to instantly recognize your product. The cosmetic boxes can even be customized to match the style and flavor of your products. And because they are so unique, your customers will want to keep them.

Rigid stock

The luxury goods manufacturers have the resources and know-how to design high-end and intricately detailed rigid boxes. These boxes come with custom prints and metallic closures. Ribbon pulls and die-cut window panels are also available to attract customers’ attention. These boxes can also retain their look even after prolonged use. In addition, luxury-style rigid boxes are highly reflective, thanks to the finishing techniques that are used. Digital prints can be enhanced with 3D effects and debossing effects to add a luxury style.

Custom rigid boxes are also known as premium boxes. They are often used for high-end personal effects, such as makeup, fashion accessories, stationery, cigars, and jewelry. They can be used for all types of products, as well as to preserve valuables such as jewelry and fine art. Rigid boxes come with cutouts and magnet closures to allow the craft substrate to collapse to make storage easier. The advantages of rigid boxes are clear: these packaging options are both durable and flexible.

Sleeve style

The sleeve style is an increasingly popular design choice for custom cosmetics boxes. It provides a sleek, professional look and is becoming an increasingly popular design choice for cosmetics companies. The sleeve style of cosmetics packaging was traditionally used in a rectangular box shape but has recently become more versatile as retailers look for more unique packaging solutions. Aside from the standard box shape, sleeve styles also offer an opportunity for retailers to experiment with different styles and colors to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

When it comes to cosmetic packaging, the sleeve style is an ideal option. These boxes feature a seamless look, where the lid and box are merged together to create a single unit. Sleeves are popular for products such as foundation, lipstick, and extension boxes. Sleeve-style cosmetic boxes are also common for gift packaging and are a good choice for new products, such as big eyeshadows. Sleeves are also a great way to add tasteful designs and a stylish impression, without investing much money.


Custom cosmetic boxes can be customized with foiling or lamination technology, which adds extra protection. For example, custom cosmetic boxes made from recycled Kraft material can be reused for organic soaps or bath bombs. Premium cardboard is best for the presentation of eyeshadow, lipstick, or nail polish. Rigid stock, on the other hand, can be used for packaging and displaying other products. Foiling can also make the custom cosmetic boxes look more attractive.

Quality set-up cosmetic packaging has a rigid chipboard bottom and cover. These boxes are among the most sturdy types of cosmetic packaging on the market today. Wrapping paper is available in white or solid color. In addition, boxes can be wrapped with foil paper or cloth. Custom graphics can be printed on cosmetics boxes with foil stamping. They are available for any product. In addition, they can be foil-stamped for an extra decorative effect.


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