Dhyana Mudra Method and Precautions

Dhyana Mudra Method and Precautions

Dhyana Mudra:

Today we will try to make you aware of one such Mudra. By doing this not only you will be completely healthy. Rather it will make you very dry and prosperous spiritually too. The name of this Mudra is dhyana Mudra, you must have heard about this Mudra at some point or the other.

Not only we or you will do dhyana Mudra today. Our ancestors and our Gods have also been doing this Mudra. Which has also benefited them a lot. Lord Shiva himself also does this Mudra. In the bottom line, you have done dhyana mudra. 

By doing this yoga, our brain also gets a lot of benefits. By doing this Mudra, our mind becomes very calm. The development of new neurons in our brain also starts at a very fast rate. Which proves beneficial for our brain.

By doing this Mudra, we get the power of the five elements. All our sense organs start opening. The biggest benefit of this falls on our inner mind. We tend to be quite calm. We do not have any disease. Our body starts becoming very shapely and strong.

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Method of doing Dhyana Mudra –

The method of dhyana Mudra is quite simple. But if you do not know the right way to do this method, then there is no benefit from doing this asana. So, first of all, you should know the right way to do this easily. Only after that, this asana should be done. Below we will tell you about the method of doing dhyana mudra.

  • Before practicing this asana, you must get information about asana from a yoga guru. That one has done the advantages of doing this asana and the disadvantages of doing this asana. The last word did, I should do this asana.
  • First of all, you should arrange a yoga mat. After that, sit on that mat in Sukhasan posture. You should keep in mind that this Mudra should be placed in such a place. In a fresh environment.
  • Keep the left hand near the sacral chakra i.e. on the open space between the palthy. Keep the palm in such a way that the palm remains open towards the sky.
  • Now after that bend the right hand from the knee and place the palm on the palm of the left hand. Make sure that the palms remain open towards the sky.
  • When the above day’s process is done. Then rest the thumb of the left hand near the thumb of the right hand. After that keep the spine absolutely straight and come in a meditative state.
  • Now close your eyes, pay attention to the movement of the breath and after some time you will start going into the depth of meditation because the flow of energy starts happening faster. After that repeat this action several times. This is the complete method of dhyana mudra.

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Side Effects of Dhyana Mudra –

  • Generally, there is no harm in doing any yoga or Mudra. But still, some precautions are taken before doing asanas. So that if there is any side effect, then they can be avoided.
  • By doing this asana, we have to go deep into the dhyana. Due to this, we may also suffer some losses.  At this place, you can take the help of Gyan Mudra.
  • As you already know. By doing this Mudra, the maximum effect falls on the command chakra. We also have to take some precautions before the opening of the command wheel. Therefore, if you are doing this Mudra, then before that you should know a little about Agya Chakra.

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