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In the construction industry, working at heights is common and leads to the risk of falling. It’s the duty of the construction company to give proper fall protection to the worker before working.

Fall protection is basically utilization of controls intended to shield staff or workers from falling or on the occasion they do fall, still will be able to stop them without causing serious injury.

Indian Inovatix Ltd understood this problem and came up with excellent and innovative items for fall protection. The items are genuinely effective and easy to afford. Every company should opt for the maximum safety of their workers.

In this article we’ll discuss more about fall protection along with the related products of Indian Inovatix Ltd.



According to recent research, more than 50,000 deaths are happening in the construction industry due to falling from heights. Even falling from a short height can disable a person for a lifetime and ruin their life completely. Still, many companies are not taking strict actions against it. To be practical, fall protection for workers in the construction industry is not an option but a necessity to safeguard their lives along with their families.


Personal fall protection involves the use of several components and equipment, including:

  • Harness
  • Lanyard
  • Self-retracting lanyard (SRL)
  • Anchor point

India Inovatix Ltd understood this situation and invented a variety of products under this category which are super effective, easy to use and available at a very competitive price.


When innovation and safety shook hands, Inovatix was born. Inovatix is a brand synonymous with technology, performance and innovation. They manufacture excellent quality, user-friendly safety or rescue devices to safeguard every worker’s life.

Inovatix have categorised their fall protection products in different ranges. All of them come with unique features and style but one thing is common in all: all the products will provide your workers with maximum safety possible and are very much easy to access.

First range of Inovatix fall protection products are named as “Fall Arrest System”. These products come with unique features which result in giving the workers maximum safety and security while they work in heights. The items include:

  • Vertical Fall Arrest System

    : Flexible Rope- This product is applicable while in ladders, scaffolds and temporary installations. Also, this will provide the worker with 100% positive locking and the work will be able to move freely.

  • Fall Arrest System

    : Over the head- Mostly applicable for truck loading/unloading and also unusual shaped workplaces. It provides shock absorber to reduce jerk load on user & Structure

  • Vertical Fall Arrest System on Rigid Rail: Guardall

    – This item is applicable for Ladders, Wind Mills, Chimney Stacks, Telecommunication towers, FM towers, and Television transmission Towers. It comes with no maintenance feature and corrosion free anodized Aluminum rail / GI Rails/SS.

  • Vertical Fall Arrest System : Rigid Cable-

    This product is quite similar to Vertical Fall Arrest System. The only difference is it has a very rigid cable to give more security.

  • Fall Arrest System : Over the Head (Open to Sky):

    This item is applicable for Truck Tarpaulin work, and Train Gantry. It has Complete SS316 system along with it is Atex approved for use in Potentially Explosive Areas.

  • Fall Arrest System : Over the Roof- Similar to Fall Arrest System :

    Over the Head. The only difference is: it is 100% waterproof and applicable on roofs and terraces.

  • Retro-Guard – Retractable Fall Arrest Block:

    it comes with a peak Load of less than 6 kN along with  Avg locking Distance – 0.4 mtrs. The  Minimum Clearance level is 1.5 metres below the user’s feet and Weight – Up to 7 kgs. The Temperature Ranges from -30°C to +50°C .

Second range of Inovatix fall protection products is named as “Confined Space Entry ”. These are mainly used for underground depth works. This range consists of two most effective products:

  • Confined Space Equipment- Modular Davit: This item is applicable for Tanks, Vessels Drainage, System Sewerage, System Pharma, Industry Chemical

Plants, etc. These are very lightweight and portable. It can be operated for various depths of vessels/tanks and also suitable for vessels with manholes at awkward locations.

  • Tripod For Confined Space Equipment– Quite similar to the first product of this range but slightly differs cause it has a Telescopic Lowering Arm.

Third category is named as “Emergency Evacuation Devices”. As the name suggests, these are used for very critical and emergency purposes. The products included are:

  • Fire escape device: It is one of the best inventions of Inovatix. It comes with a redundant braking system which is made of steel. It is advised to use this as a self-rescue system combining with a full body safety Harness.

Fourth category is the most common way of fall protection that is full body harness. These are very much user friendly yet give the workers maximum safety and security. This category consists of three items:

  • Zeus Series: It comes with 1 Ventral D-ring at waist level for Rope Access work along with 2 Lateral D-rings for Work Positioning. It has an adjustable shoulder, thigh-straps and waist belt.
  • Artemis Series– It comes with a Dorsal attachment D- Ring for Fall Arrest along with Adjustable Chest-Strap and thigh-straps for easy adjustment. It also has an Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort.
  • Apollo Series– Mostly similar to other products in the category. The only difference is it has 2 Chest attachment textile loops and a Dorsal attachment D-Ring for Fall Arrest.
Fifth category is the most unique and fun segment named “Amusement & Adventure Rides”. Amusement parks and their rides are now one of the most trending things worldwide. But to keep you safeguarded, Indian Inovetix has some really cool, user-friendly products like
  • Skyderman – Zipline with Chair & Wings: It is the first ever Simulated Parasail / Glider to offer the same experience and excitement as parasailing / gliding. You can enjoy free flying without getting worried about safety. It also enhances and modifies the environment and ambience of a park. Minimum range of height required is 30feet.
  • Skyderman Junior (3-9 yrs)-Mostly same as the previous product. Applicable for babies aged from 3-9 years. It is very much easy to install and also de-install and gives 100% safety and security.
  • Pole tree climbing: A device which will make your tree climbing experience more easy and safe. It is very much user friendly and absolutely safe and secure.
  • Sky Paddler– Another fun activity by Inovatix guarentes 100%safety. You can paddle or cycle around with a wonderful view. Any kind of external force is not required to make it work.
  • Go go wheel– Another fun and unique invention by Inovatix for kids. It also involves parents. Parents need to paddle to make their kids go down and up on the wheel. Enjoy your parenthood with maximum safety and security of your child.
  • Go go cycle– This is a common and fun product for kids that can be seen in many big fairs. But Inovatix has made it with more unique features and with 100% security of your child. It can be a physical activity of any child which will keep them healthy while enjoying their childhood.
Sixth category named as “Anchorages”. It consists of different types and uniquely designed products to give people maximum safety.
  • Container Post: This is applicable when people have to work on a container. It will not damage the container in any possible way.
  • Door Window Anchor: This is uniquely designed by Inovatix on the purpose of providing proper and safe anchorage where door or window frames are available. It is applicable on window or door frames whose width ranges from 610mm to 1210mm. It provides sturdy and safe anchorage.
  • Fixed Beam Anchor– Another great invention by Inovatix. It is very light weight and very compact.
  • Parapet Anchor– A quick and easy way to provide maximum safe anchorage to Wall parapets.
  • Reusable Roof Anchor– This anchor gives safe and secure anchoring on roofs.
Now one of the most vital categories, named “Connectors”. These include items that are portable and user-friendly.
  • Scaffold Hook– Made of high quality alloy steel with a breaking strength of 23kN.
  • Parachute Frame– Made of high quality alloy steel with a breaking strength of 15kN.

Last but not the least “Climb Assist Systems”. Climbing is one of the most challenging yet easy activities to do. This category products include:

Track rope size should range from 6mm to 12mm. It provides maximum safety while maintaining the comfort of the climber.

  • Coconut Climber– As the name suggests it is only applicable for coconut trees. It is very easily adjustable to different sizes of trees. It will not damage any tree as it has rubber padding.
  • Pole Pro Climber– This product is only applicable for poles inclusive of round poles, concrete poles and beams. It is adjustable according to the size and design of a pole. It will make climbing a pole easy like climbing stairs.


A fall from height is one of the most genuine safety concerns confronting construction sites and numerous different workplaces. Prevention of falls from height and fall protection in construction and different businesses is a fundamental piece of being a safety chief or leader and keeping up with the most noteworthy safety principles for your organization. Construction sites are the most powerless against this safety concern. Different businesses and workplaces likewise have critical fall-at-height events of wounds because of slips and falls in the work environment. So it’s a necessity to provide proper fall protection to safeguard the workers along with their families.

Inovatix came across this issue and manufactured high quality, excellent and highly effective fall protection tools for your help.

If you’re looking for some highly effective safety products for your workplace, refer to Indian Inovatix. Indian Inovatix is one of the leading producers of safety products for different workspaces.

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