Fox fishing gear

Fox international is one of the leading manufacturers of fishing tackle in Europe, mainly for carp fishing. The firm has come a long way from a modest workshop in Essex to a large company covering a wide range of the most sought-after products.

With such a huge selection, any fisherman will look for equipment for carp, match, sport fishing, catching any predatory and non-predatory fish, and, of course, will be pleased with the amazing variety of lures, baits and Fox fishing gear.

With this combination of innovation, high quality and product performance, there is no doubt that Fox International has become one of the largest companies in the business. Fox is a brand trusted by thousands of anglers who go fishing.


The company was founded by Cliff Fox in 1960 and launched its first private label products in 1967. Soon, Cliff’s small rented workshop could no longer accommodate the rapidly growing company, and they moved into what would soon become Fox’s headquarters.

At the same time, due to the incredible demand for products, Fox opens a distribution center on the border of Holland and Belgium and expands into the international market.

Fox International is the largest privately owned fishing tackle company in Europe

Fifty years have passed since then and now Fox International is the largest privately owned fishing tackle company in Europe with over three thousand unique products. Available from the Carpleader online fishing store, this range includes everything from rigs and rods to chairs and bags.

Fox is a globally trusted company in over 30 countries including Japan and Russia. Fox International’s orange logo has become synonymous with high quality, innovative, practical and thoughtfully designed products.

From a small workshop in Essex, one man’s beginnings have grown into a community of passionate professionals, design teams and fisherman consultants around the world. Fox makes products made by fishermen for fishermen. These products are not only innovative, but also practical, which is why many anglers prefer Fox brand tackle.

The Fox Rage

The specialized line is the best fit for carp anglers, as it is able to satisfy any requirement from landing nets to weighing bags.

Fox also launched its own program, Fox TV, which talks about carp fishing products and their capabilities.
The Fox Rage range is designed with catfish and other predatory lures in mind, and is constantly updated with the seasons and new designs coming on the market.

There is also a separate line of Fox Sport products for the needs of sea and sport fishing. It includes a range of specific equipment, inventory and specially designed rods that you can take with you in a cramped kayak in big water. It is this practicality that Fox International is always ready to offer.

Its principles

Fox International continues to build on its principles by releasing new, exciting products every year. In 2016-2017, FOX, in addition to reels, released a budget series of carp rods FOX EOS reels, an updated line of carp tents, furniture and bags of the FOX Camo and Camolite series.

And, despite the fact that the company remains among the leaders in the fishing tackle market in Europe, the principle of practicality and high quality remains unchanged for Fox International.

Fox also pays a lot of attention to various consumables, hooks, PVA materials, various consumables for making rigs, sinkers and other consumables. Of particular note is the Fox Camotex braided leader material, which is excellent for making braided leaders.

To sum up

Fox International does not forget about the life of carp anglers, the most popular tent today and the number one choice of many sportsmen is the legendary Fox Royalle XXL Euro tent, shelters, folding beds and comfortable chairs and other assortment of carp life.

Sleeping bags for corfmort fishing in the cold season, the innovative materials used in the manufacture of these products deserve special attention and the quality of these products has been appreciated by carp anglers all over the world.


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