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Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a hair restoration procedure that helps deal with hair loss or thinning. It is one of the most popular procedures used by hair surgeons to treat baldness in men and women. 

How Does It Work?

During the FUT hair restoration technique, the surgeon sedates the patient and removes a small strip of tissue from the back of the head. The hair follicles extracted from this strip of tissue during the FUT hair transplant procedure are transplanted by skilled surgeons individually to the recipient areas. After extraction, the tape is removed and divided into separated grafts under a microscope.

Who Is A Perfect Candidate? 

The FUT hair restoration process is for hair loss and thinning. You should consider a FUT hair transplant if you fall under the following criteria:

  • People over the age of 25 are typical candidates for the FUT hair transplant. In younger people, the pattern of hair loss is less predictable.
  • Hair transplantation works best for men and women who suffer from the pattern of hair loss.
  • The density of your hair. People with a high density of hair follicles get better coverage.
  • Balding area. Hair loss in the front of the head is the most common reason for FUT hair restoration. 
  • Because there is less color contrast, people with hair similar to their skin color are usually better candidates.

Some Benefits Of The FUT Hair Restoration Process

There are a lot of benefits and reasons why you should consider the FUT hair transplant procedure. They include:

  • If you need several hair follicles grafted in a few sessions, FUT is a better option.
  • It doesn’t have an unnatural appearance.
  • It is also less expensive than other hair loss treatments.
  • Low resection rate, resulting in better outcomes.
  • The look of natural hair is permanent.
  • Perfect resemblance to natural hair growth with long-term results.
  • It saves time.

Downside Of The FUT Hair Transplant

  • Because the procedure is invasive, there is a risk of scarring and a longer recovery period after each treatment session. 
  • It leaves scarring 
  • The scalp may stretch as a result.
  • Scars can grow in size and become more localized, making them more visible.

Complications Of FUT Hair Restoration

FUT hair transplant complications are uncommon. The head receives a lot of blood, which helps it heal quickly and avoid infections. Only about 1% of people develop any side effects

The following are some of the possible complications of the FUT hair restoration process: 

  • Hair that doesn’t look natural
  • Scarring or bumps
  • Hair follicle inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Cysts


There are many benefits of the fut hair transplant procedure. This process is for hair loss and thinning. However, talking with your doctor will support you in determining if it is the right treatment for you. The FUT hair restoration is a more expensive procedure compared to other forms of treatment. Keep in a sense what your budget is and the side effects too. FUT hair restoration will have you growing full hair in no time. 

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