Lipstick Boxes

Get top-notch Lipstick Box to give your Brand a New Look

Your packaging should demonstrate how you display your products in the most contemporary manner if you want your cosmetics business to stand out on the market. Would you like to modify the Lipstick box package in the same way? You may create your own boxes with OXO Packaging since we provide a variety of customization options. That enable you to make the box appear as fantastic as you desire. You can package your lipstick in any shape you want, like a rectangle box that fits the product perfectly or a sleeve box that customers can just slide open and VOILA! There’s your lip gloss.

You can choose from our over 300+ sample designs for custom lipstick boxes, or you can work with our designers to make a special, one-of-a-kind design for lipstick packaging boxes that will stand out to women at first glance. For effective marketing, you can print any design, pattern, or logo you want on the boxes. You can also use our printing skills to get a Lipstick Box design that is even better than you expected. Make the boxes look interesting by printing in CMYK or PMS colors or by adding spot UV to the printed information or text to make the whole box look shiny.

Wide range of Colors and Finishes

Large number of women all over the world used Lipsticks. Lipsticks are both a necessity and a luxury for different people, no matter what class, age, or event they are for. Lipsticks come in a wide range of colors and finishes, from soft to bright and shiny to matte. They are use for both casual and dressy occasions, from the office to weddings. As the makeup industry has grown, new textures and formulas for lipstick have hit the market. These lipsticks are so good that they deserve absolutely stunning packaging to match.

Our organization sells high-quality Lipstick Packaging, that last long

Our company sells high-quality Kraft lipstick boxes that will keep your lipsticks safe and last for a long time. There are many different kinds of packaging to meet the needs of different brands. For Lipstick Packaging, a single item, there are long, sleek tuck-end boxes that work best. There are gable boxes, sleeve end boxes, compartment boxes, and top lid boxes that can hold a large number of items in one package. Kraft paper is use to make these boxes sturdy and nice-looking. Before the lipstick box are made, eco-friendly business practices are use. This makes the packaging very safe, recyclable, and biodegradable. The product is coated with both spot UV and full UV to protect it from the harsh effects of light and sunrays. Gloss and matte finishing are use to make sure that the final product is strong and looks good.

Beautiful Kraft Lipstick Packaging that will bring you more Customers

OXO Packaging gives you great ideas for how to package lipstick that will definitely bring in more customers. Our Kraft lipstick packaging looks and feels so good that it is sure to leave a good impression on the fashion-forward market and all makeup lovers. We make the lipstick box with the best color schemes for the product. To make the packaging look fancy, PMS and CMYK color models are used. All of the pictures and backgrounds are made with modern ideas in mind. There are also motivational quotes, which become the voice of your brand and what it says to customers.

Plain and die-cut window designs are use for both single-package and bulk-package needs. Window designs on packaging are made with pure, clear, transparent sheet. They look very rich and elegant. Loops and strings are also put on the boxes to make them look fancier and more interesting. Using gold, silver, or metallic colors to stamp, foil, emboss, or deboss the brand logo adds a touch of elegance. Our customers are shown a full mock-up of the layout in 3D.

Get enticing custom lipstick boxes to make moisturizing lipstick, satin lipstick, sheer lipstick, and matte lipstick look more appealing and appealing to the eyes. Which will convince customers to buy your products. They are just what you need to make your Cream lipstick and Pearl & Frosted lipstick “pop” off the shelves and stand out so that customers will notice them. Show off the best quality of your gloss lipstick and long-lasting, transfer-resistant lipstick to your customers by putting them in Custom Lipstick Boxes that are sturdy and stylish. They also help you take your brand to the next level, set your cosmetics business apart from the competition. Its make your customers more loyal because they look great and are the best in the business. Choose the shape of the box you want, such as rectangular, cube, triangle, etc., to make your lipstick look elegant, unique, and interesting.

Get our Experts to Design Custom Lipstick Box

For women, lips become a sign of beauty. As a result, lipstick sales are going up quickly, and there is more competition on the market because women love things that make them look better. So, to make your brand stand out from the rest, you need to present your lipsticks with a little extra care, grace, and glam. If you want your brand to be better than your competitors’ and you want women to trust your cosmetics, choose custom-designed lipstick boxes. They add to the beauty of your Lipstick Box and keep them safe at the same time.

We promise to be flexible in how we serve you. Because of this, we keep our prices in a range that most buyers can afford. You can also get the best deals if you buy a lot of things at once. If there is a mistake, let us know and we will make it right.

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Your custom-made Kraft lipstick box will be sent to you on time and in good condition. Inside Australia we don’t charge for any of our deliveries. Check out our cheap and high-quality kraft boxes and cosmetic boxes for a new look and start for your brand. Our customer service line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can stay in touch with our team and find out when your orders will arrive.