Getting Part-Time Work As International Students

International students around us often say that all jobs need two to three years of experience, but how can we get experience without getting a job. We all have heard it before.

We all need jobs not only for financial support but also to get practical experience. Based on the school of thought, the people are of two types. One type of people thinks they should only concentrate on their studies. But, other people think getting practical experience during the study will help them excel in their field.

We name these two types of people as Introverts and extroverts. Introverts never prefer jobs during studies, but extroverts prefer jobs with studies. Extroverts want to increase their social circle. Hence, they seek part-time jobs.

You should do a part-time job during studies only if you can manage both. Still, the trend of part-time jobs is popular among international students. Many factors are responsible for the trend of part-time jobs amongst international students.

For example, according to Statista, in the United Kingdom, over 7.8 million students were doing part-time jobs. Furthermore, the number of international studies doing part-time jobs was about 8704 in July 2020 (Statista).

In this scenario, students have to complete dissertation, thesis, and assignments. The best way is to hire qualified writers at the cheapest dissertation writing services.  These statistics explain that international students are more prone to part-time jobs.

This essay highlights some important part-time jobs that an international student can do off-campus and on-campus during studies.

On-Campus Job:

Today many people are taking an interest in studying in the UK. But,  many students think study in the UK is very expensive. One must have thousands of pounds, if he wants to study in the UK.

Hence,  if you want to go to the UK for higher studies and are afraid of study expenses. Then this is the right article to give you the idea to survive in the UK. Many countries such as Turkey do not allow international students to get work during their studies. But, in the UK, students can do work (20 hours/ week) during the study.

Still, you can do part-time work during your studies or not depends upon your university. Because many universities in the UK are not following the trend of working during the study.

But, still, in many International Universities, students have the right to do some types of in campus jobs.  After discussing the part-time working  availability in the international universities, below is a list of a few on-campus jobs

  • Lab assistant
  • Administrative officers
  • Teacher assistant
  • On-campus librarian
  • Fish tank caretakers
  • Music theory editor
  • Animal house caretaker
  • Live stream photo- editor
  • Stage secretory

The on-campus jobs are ideal for international students because they are easy to manage. A student doing on-campus jobs can manage job tasks in study breaks. Likewise, such students can spare extra time on laboratory work due to on-campus work engagement.  So, on-campus work opportunity is ideal for international students.

Although getting an on-campus job is quite difficult.  The limited number of seats make it difficult to get by many students. But the development of good written and verbal communication skills can help you get on-campus work during studies.

Off-Campus Jobs:

Most of the time, students fail to get on-campus jobs. The reason for this failure is limited seats or lack of communuication skills. Thus, most international students go for off-campus jobs.

The off-campus jobs are easy to locate and manage with the study. Common off-campus jobs an international student can do in abroad are;

  • Delivery boy
  • Waiter or waitress in restaurants
  • Freelancer
  • Book storekeeper
  • Data entry operator
  • Grocery store operator
  • The employee of a Call center
  • Part-time teacher in tuition centers

Apart from all these off-campus jobs, an international student can do many other jobs. But, they have proper permission letters from universities before applying for off-campus jobs.

After getting permission from the university authorities, students can do any job. In the UK, the students also have time restrictions. Like, during the course work, students cannot work more than 20 hours/ week.

Moreover, a student can spend 40 hours/ week in off-campus and on-campus jobs during the holiday. If you are doing a master’s degree and have to do a job, you can take masters dissertation help to achieve your targeted results.

List Of Jobs That International Universities Don’t Allow To Do:

Apart from the list of a few on-campus and off-campus jobs, you must know other things also. Like, what kind of jobs international students cannot do? Here is a list of a few of them.

  • International students cannot do self-employment or cannot work as a freelancer.
  • International students cannot start their businesses.
  • They cannot do full-time permanent jobs.
  • They cannot resume their entertainment as part-time work.
  • If you are a dental and medical student at an international university, you cannot start your off-campus practice at any clinic.

Benefits Of Getting Work As An International Student:

There are many benefits of getting work (Part-time) as an international student. Some of them are as follows;

  • You can earn extra money in dollars
  • You will get experience to add to your resume
  • You will have a better social circle
  • You will have better communication skills
  • You will learn multitasking skills
  • You will have good relations with others. Your good relations will help you to get recommendation letters for future development.


Tips To Get Both Off-Campus And On-Campus Jobs:

As international students, people often say how can we get jobs. Hence, the following section will give some tips to get eye-catching jobs.

  • Be confident
  • Never feel ashamed while asking for jobs
  • Approach appropriate employee
  • Discuss your job perspectives
  • Prepare commonly asked questions
  • Improve your looks while going for an interview
  • Dress according to the needs of the designation
  • The students have to go to every individual registrar office. There is no advertisement for students hiring. So, cash opportunity and create opportunity.
  • Be careful while filling the job application form. Carelessness may lead to rejection of your application.
  • Explore the on-campus and off-campus opportunities to locate the appropriate job.
  • Good communication skills can also help you to impress the employer.