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Glovo Clone

Glovo Clone Statistics

According to the statistics, glovo clone revenue in the Food Delivery business reached USD107.44 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD154.34 billion in 2023. It is clear that the on-demand food delivery business becomes one of the most popular sectors in today’s world.

Planning to be a part of the on-demand food delivery business?

Searching for the right solution?

In this modern era, many food delivery apps are available in the market. As per statistics, the Glovo app has a total revenue of up to $300 million and is operating in nearly more than 20 countries globally.

Hence, starting a food delivery business with a Glovo clone will be more profitable. Before getting into action, there are certain things that you should know.

What is Glovo Clone?

Glovo clone is a customizable on-demand food delivery script that helps entrepreneurs to set up their food delivery business in a short interval of time. It helps in automating all kinds of business operations.

Perks of investing in food delivery businesses like Glovo

Below mentioned are the benefits of starting a food delivery business for startups,

  • Help reach more customers
  • Increase your online visibility
  • Rising demand for the Glovo-like app
  • Budget-friendly business idea

Hence, it is proven that starting a Glovo-like food delivery business idea will profit you in many ways.

The complete workflow of the Glovo clone app

  1. Customers sign in to the app by using their login credentials
  2. Search and place their orders from the desired restaurant

The restaurant receives the order request from the customers and has the option to accept/decline the request

  1. Once accepted, then the app will automatically assign the order request to the nearby delivery partner
  2. The delivery partner also has the option to accept/ decline the request
  3. After accepting, then the delivery partner will be able to receive the order from the restaurant
  4. Delivery partners receive the location of the customer and reach their location with the help of Google map navigation
  5. Customer can track their order until it gets delivered to their location
  6. After the successful delivery, customers can rate both restaurants and delivery partners based on food quality and order experience. The delivery partner can also rate the customers based on their delivery experience.

Features to be added


User Registration

Registration is the foremost step while logging into the platform. Users can simply login into the app using their registered mobile number.

Order tracking

Eaters can easily track their order status from restaurant confirmation to order gets delivered right at their location.

Promo code

A Promo code is nothing but offering discounts to the customers. Apply promo code before placing your order to get some price reductions on your orders.

Multiple languages

Customers can choose their preferred language from the list of languages available English, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.

Multi payment options

Customers have the option to pay for their orders via card, cash, or wallet. Recharge your wallet by using a credit or debit card.

Saved places

Customers can add their both home and work addresses based on their convenience.

Advanced search filters

Customers can easily get their favorite dishes from the desired restaurant by filtering price and dietary.

Delivery partner

Document submission

The delivery partner has to submit all the necessary documents related to their vehicles like insurance, license, and registration. Admin verifies all the documents submitted by the admin.

Earnings management

Delivery partners can easily manage their earnings as both monthly and weekly earnings.

Toggle availability

Delivery partners can switch their status as online/offline easily by using the toggle button. The delivery partner receives the order request once the status is changed online.

Route optimization

It helps the Delivery partner to find the shortest route to reach the customer’s location.

Restaurant panel

Order alert

The restaurant users will be continuously notified regarding the order placed by the customers with the complete order and customer information

Manage menu

Restaurant users update and manage the menu based on item availability. Hence, it allows the customers to search for the dishes and place their orders easily.

Manage transactions

Restaurant users can manage all the completed and future transactions done on the platform.

Manage orders

Restaurant users can view all the current and previous orders. They can either accept or decline the order request based on the availability of the food items or operating hours.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Glovo?

Ready to develop your app like Glovo? Then, you can either build your app from scratch or use a ready-made solution.

Developing your app from scratch costs you higher than purchasing a ready-made app solution.

While estimating the cost, depends on the following factors based on the platform, features to be added, the complexity of the app, design, and maintenance of the app.

WooberlyEats – Ready to use Glovo clone script

WooberlyEats is a white-label on-demand food delivery app solution that helps entrepreneurs to launch their Glovo-like food delivery app platform into the market quickly.

Is an on-demand food delivery platform that benefits entrepreneurs in setting their online business at a faster rate.

UberEats clone script
Is built with the latest technology that fortifies the platform to be fast performing, responsive, and future-proof.
In WooberlyEats, we use Google Maps and Flutter Location Plugin to get the user’s current location, routing, and live tracking. To increase the performance of the APIs, we use GraphQL technology.
To create uninterrupted connections between mobile devices, we use Socket.IO. Firebase platform integrated to handle push notifications and crash analytics.
Flutter is an SDK created by Google to develop stunning native applications for all platforms. Flutter fastens the development process without compromising any features and performance of the mobile app. It minimizes the development cost and testing hours of mobile applications and takes you to the target audience with a beautifully laid UI design.

Let’s see how WooberlyEats benefits entrepreneurs,

How WooberlyEats helps you?

WooberlyEats is overloaded with many benefits including.

  • Built with Fluter
  • Availability of 100% source code
  • Perfect white label solution
  • Scalable solution
  • Top-notch features
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language support
  • Multi-payment options

One codebase

Flutter allows developers to build cross-platform mobile applications from a single codebase. It automatically saves your development cost and time.

Fast development

Flutter comes with the ‘Hot reload’ feature that immediately reflects the changes made in the source code into the running app. Thus significantly reducing the development hours.

Attractive UI

Flutter contains the Material design widget implementing Android’s design language and Cupertino widget for the iOS design language. These widgets allow developers to build an alluring UI interface similar to the native platform.


Flutter is a perfect tool to build cross-platform mobile applications. It reduces the app development cost massively compared to the development of native mobile apps.

Perfect for MVP

A minimum viable product is developed to test the scope of the business idea. Flutter technology would help in developing a working prototype in a shorter span of time and at a low cost as well.

Our WooberlyEats package comes with the eater app, driver app, a web panel for the restaurant owners, and an admin panel for the platform owners. Our WooberlyEats – UberEats clone solution gives a streamlined look which makes it easy to manage all the operations.

Advanced Filters

Eaters can find their favorite restaurant and food effortlessly by using advanced filter options in WooberlyEats. They can refine the search results by applying filters such as favorite restaurants, dishes, prices, and ratings.

Restaurant Status

The restaurateur can change their status as available or unavailable by a toggle button. The Restaurant status allows the eaters to know about their availability before placing an order.


Hope this blog provides you all the necessary things to know before starting a Glovo-like food delivery app business.

WooberlyEats is readily available for you to start your Glovo-like food delivery business instantly.

Schedule a demo with our tech experts by visiting our WooberlyEats product page.

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