Green Cleaning Company

Green Cleaning Company: Combine Cleanliness and Environmental Protection

Organic cleaning is a new trend that hasn’t finished talked about it.

It responds to a profound change in our society and consumer aspirations.

No more abrasive and polluting household products, ecological cleaning companies are now turning to solutions that are more respectful of the environment and just as effective.

And if you went to the maintenance of your condominium that is committed to the planet? We explain the advantages of using an ecological cleaning company to take care of your building.

Ecological cleaning: a natural solution for the maintenance of your condominium

Cleaning products are partly responsible for water and soil pollution and have an impact on air quality.

The use of products harmful to the environment also has significant consequences on the health of individuals: allergies, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

Moving towards organic household products for the disinfection of your common areas has the double advantage of reducing irritating and toxic substances but also of reducing our ecological footprint.

Cleanliness company that emphasizes ecology

Reinventing our way of considering industrial and collective cleaning is a considerable challenge, but oh so important. Ingredients considered dangerous for health and the planet must gradually be replaced by natural formulas without degrading the quality of cleaning.

Our ecological cleaning company is committed to using green and innovative techniques to wash the surfaces of your building while respecting strict hygiene rules.

From cleaning carpets to washing glass surfaces to spraying disinfectants in all areas of the building, our maintenance agents make it a point of honor to produce professional and eco-responsible cleaning.

How is the cleaning service for your building carried out?

After the initial contact, we define your needs together in order to draw up appropriate maintenance specifications. This is a central step to precisely define the services that will be. Carried out by our teams of cleaners in Sydney.

This will then allow us to establish an estimate for cleaning your common areas and to set a price including all the services provided. Pricing will be based on the frequency of cleaning (week, month, quarter) and the area to be covered.

We can also intervene after a disaster (falling trees, water damage, flooding, etc.). In the event of work in your building, our cleaning service in Blacktown takes care of the removal of bulky items on-site and the restoration of the premises to find a clean and healthy space.

Clean Couches Sydney ensures professional and sustainable cleaning in your common areas for condominiums that cannot benefit from a qualified person to keep the building clean.

Our field of intervention extends from the management of household waste to the dusting and complete washing of the floors. Each service respects specific health rules and adapts to the complexity of the premises.

Complete cleaning service in Sydney:

  • Sort waste and replace bins
  • Eliminate dirt and remove dust from high surfaces
  • Vacuum and rinse floor mats
  • Brick and restore shine to walls, windows, doors
  • Maintenance of the facade
  • Passage of high-pressure jet on difficult areas – Cleaning
  • of entrances
  • Cleaning of mailboxes
  • Washing of carpets, curtains, and sofas
  • Sanitation of cellars, garages, attics

Are you a trustee representative? Contact us to design the most appropriate service together, whether your needs are one-off or regular.

The maintenance of your premises and the surrounding green spaces are part of our expertise. Our teams and the cleaning equipment available allow us to be. Reactive and to work in the best conditions for the complete sanitation of your building.

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