Guide to Fixing the “Computer Restarted and Deleted Everything” Problem

A Computer’s quick restart feature in Microsoft Windows is an attempt to minimize damage caused by an error. However, there is a method of evading this problem that involves periodic restarts. Moreover, zero-alert messages may leave the people in the dark, adding to their confusion. The user’s day is made from hell to absolute shambles when the PC restarts and wipes everything without warning.

In this article, I’ll discuss what caused my computer to restart and corrupt anything. As well as some potential workarounds. It’s possible that there is a disagreement among the broken file system. That forced the computer to restart and wipe the hard drive clean.

This is why the computer restarted and everything was wiped clean.

A mistake made by a person may cause a prompt to display after a successful Windows OS update. Asking the user whether they want to restart the machine immediately or wait. Accidentally proceeding at this time will cause a system reset and the loss of all stored data.

The Blaster virus is a malicious piece of software with a high propensity for wreaking havoc on computers. There’s a chance it has a virus that corrupts the system files and forces a restart.

Incompatible software may require a reboot if there is a software issue. Many different PC programs with similar features, such as scheduled power down and restart, have emerged.

If the computer is connected to a UPS and the power goes out. The UPS may shut down the system and all data stored on the computer may be lost. This issue might be caused by a faulty or insufficient interaction between pieces of technology.

There’s a problem with the medium we used to store information. Malware-infected USB sticks can trigger a sudden reboot of a computer. File corruption and data loss are common results of unexpected failures in such disc devices.

Methods of Restoring Lost Information and Restarting a Computer

Fix my computer crashed, rebooted, and lost all my files, but luckily there are a few ways to get them back. Take a look at to know more in detail about fixing other issues on your computer. There are a wide variety of approaches that may be used. Use the correct tactic and carry out the steps outlined below:

  • Information lost on a restart can sometimes be restored via System Restore.
  • If you need to restore data that was lost due to an inadvertent deletion of your profile upon restart. You can do so by switching users. After the computer restarted, I was able to retrieve it all from the recycle bin and permanently delete everything.
  • The computer and its contents should be scanned for viruses with antivirus software. And any new information should be verified manually.

Once the computer was restarted, all of that data disappeared. The Corrupted File Repair Software:

  • Fixing the System Computes the Missing Data After a Reboot
  • Start by typing “System Restore” into the Windows search bar.
  • Choose the Security tab in the System Properties window.
  • Then, choose System Restore from the resulting submenu.
  • Select Next to proceed with the process.


  • Only if System Restore is already running can it be used.
  • Information created after the save point is made is deleted.

If you’ve been experiencing “My PC restarted, and I lost everything”. You can fix the problem by changing the user profile.

It’s possible that each and every time the computer is restarted. A major crash will occur, rendering the profile unusable. Perhaps it retrieved a temporary account after the restart. Therefore, you must log in with your own account password.

Log out of the existing user account and log in with your own credentials.

Following a successful account login, the program would present a list of the missing data.

Quickly Checking the Trash Can

Checking your Recycle Bin for any files or folders you may have deleted by accident is a good idea. This approach can only be used to get a limited subset of the total file contents. After the computer has restarted, you should attempt to log in using your own credentials. Since it is possible that you may be assigned a temporary account.

Protection against Malware and Viruses

Repair is possible by running a comprehensive virus check with Windows Defender. The PC may have been infected with malware or a virus, resulting in the repeated restarts.

  • Save My Deleted Files Before I Restart My Computer!
  • However, while attempting to restore deleted PST files from a hard drive. There is a chance that just some information will be recovered using the Hard Disk Recovery Wizard. This software can help you retrieve data out of a hard disc that has been corrupted or deleted irretrievably. The best software for “PC Restarted and Cleaned the Cache”
  • Many users’ information is lost forever once a computer reboots. By examining the aforementioned procedures, the lost information can be recovered at no cost.

How to Retrieve Information from a Computer Which Automatically Restarts

  1. The first step is to get the program onto your computer.
  2. Select the partition from which you want the data deleted. Second, select the Scan option to recover previously deleted Microsoft Word files from your hard disc.
  3. Then, if the restoration was successful. The software will display a preview of all the HDD data that might be restored.
  4. The contaminated files on your hard drive may now be quickly and easily recovered. Individual files or the entire folder can be saved.

From the Public:

Several examples of user questions are included below. In cases like “my computer rebooted, and now I can’t find anything,” that explanation will be helpful.

It has been found that a common problem for Windows users is that their files vanish following a system restart. Therefore, based on the above explanation, you should have a solid grasp on what causes PC reboot. What problems lead to data loss, and what remedies are available.


However, fixing my computer manually has not worked in the past. And this time it has restarted and deleted everything. Therefore, it advises that you install the software. It’s a great tool for retrieving lost information from a wide range of file types. Such as text files, audio files, video files, and image files. Automatic restarts of computers might cause data loss. The post makes this clear, along with the justification why and the manual means of recovering it.