Gym & Fitness Top Tips for Mental Health for Students

More people than ever before are aware of the importance of good mental health. Self-care can be challenging in the gym & fitness. When you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few positive steps students can take to maintain their mental health during challenging times.

Apps that help you meditate

You can try meditation or mindfulness exercises if you’re feeling stressed by university life and want a simple way to relax. To acquire the skill of focusing and redirecting your thoughts, you can download free apps like Headspace, Simple Habit, and Oak.

Starting with slow, deep breathing can help you prepare for meditation. When one is feeling anxious, one usually breathes more rapidly and in a shallow manner. Place your hand on your belly, directly behind your belly button. Be sure to breathe steadily and deeper with each breath.  Make sure it reaches your lower lungs.  When your lungs are fully inflated, the diaphragm muscle retracts, pushing your stomach outwards.  You should be able to lift your hand on your tummy slightly if you are able to accomplish this. It will take a little while before you feel the benefits, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.

The benefits of meditation and breathing exercises include reducing stress, decreasing anxiety, increasing attention span, and improving sleep. 

Take a nap

Anxiety and depression have been linked to inadequate sleep. A study from Harvard Medical School indicates that good sleep fosters mental and emotional resilience, while chronic sleep disruption sets the stage for negative thinking and emotional vulnerability.

Students often lose sleep as a result of socializing and studying at the same time. Nevertheless, good sleep is essential for learning, memory, and mental acuity. Don’t forget to turn off your screens before bedtime. You may not need eight hours of sleep, but it’s a good target. You should not check social media or emails in bed as the blue light from your phone, tablet, or laptop can interfere with your sleep.

Stay active 

It is important to exercise in gym & fitness during times of mental lull, even if you are feeling sluggish.

Dr. Alan Cohen, a GP with a special interest in mental health, says that any type of exercise is beneficial as long as you do it enough. It is difficult to find the motivation to exercise regularly if you don’t enjoy doing it.

When we exercise in gym & fitness, our bodies release endorphins, which act as their own antidepressants. The release of serotonin also enhances our moods.

If you do not feel like going out, you can try a fitness workout from Fitness Blender: Fightmaster Yoga.


Students at the University can access the Counselling Service. Although most of your time at university will be spent exploring new things, there are times when you may need support.

A trained professional can provide a confidential space for you to talk through any personal difficulties.

This is sometimes easier to do with someone who isn’t a friend or family member.

Under the Student Hub on Elite, students can find the counseling service under the section Health & Wellbeing.

The search engines offer information about free counseling and therapy for people who are not university students.

We are all together

There is no other online mental health service that provides 24/7 clinical moderation like Together All and is completely anonymous. In less than five minutes, you can log in regardless of where you are or what time of day (or night) it is. Among the services are offered for peer support, self-guided exploration, and one-to-one online therapy.

Students at some institutions receive together for free, but anyone can subscribe for a monthly fee.

Maintain a healthy diet

You can improve your mental health by eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, protein, and fatty acids. Keep your blood sugar level constant by eating regularly throughout the day. Keep your body hydrated, eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and limit your alcohol intake (as it depresses your mood rapidly).

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then, but if you’re feeling down, improving your diet is an easy area to focus on.



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