1. Invite your followers to post photos

The most sought-after way to boost your engagement and reach is to ask your fans to share their photos on an underlying theme. The prize can be as simple as mentioning their name as the winner or as big as an actual product or a subscription to your product, for instance. Additionally, by doing this, you’ll also get free content to share with your business users. Two birds in one shot!

  1. Do a test.

Participating in a giveaway could boost your profile more quickly than any other strategy. You can choose to host it directly through Instagram or with the help of a third party, like an influencer. One idea to consider to give away a prize is a “day trip” A perfect incentive for a gift consisting of an excursion to your office and a visit around the city you’re. Check Now.

  1. Connect with Influencers

Find prominent influencers within your field who are active on Instagram and follow them on Instagram. Promote them cross-promotionally or ask them for an invitation to an event. If they are paid or have mutual benefit, Instagram influencers can do amazing things for your brand and increase your reach on the platform. This can be evaluated to determine whether to utilize influencers more often or not to promote other campaigns.

  1. Offer discounts to your followers

Do you have a loyal client base, but none of your followers follow you on Instagram? Make a discount code for your item or service that’s only accessible for your Instagram followers. You could also create individual discounts for every influencer you follow.

  1. Create a live Q&A video using IGTV

Particularly for large companies, hosting an event live on social media featuring the CEO or other influencers is always awe-inspiring. It could earn some publicity, but the amount of audience participation will exceed expectations.

  1. Use Instagram Reels

With Instagram Reels, you can make entertaining 30-second videos using effects, audio, and other creative tools. Use Reels to work with influencers to create ads that make sure you are noticed.

  1. Follow your followers and follow them back

A method that is snubbed by most social media professionals yet adored by a lot is a fantastic option to get started with your account for your business. Particularly if you’re brand new to social media, Followback can help you gain enormous numbers of followers in just a few minutes. But be cautious, as ultimately, engagement is the only thing that counts. You want followers who are active and beneficial to your business.

  1. Your followers can help you achieve your goals

Create goals to get the desired number of followers through giveaways or some other method that will enable your followers to be more engaged and more engaged with your posts.

  1. Use your other platforms

If you are using different social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc.), make sure they know an Instagram account and invite them to follow your account.

  1. Set up tasks that followers can finish

Like in the game, tell your followers that they will receive a reward if they add 20 of your images to their Instagram stories. A popular method is to ask followers to “like, share, and comment” on your post. There are endless possibilities for the rewards that could be offered.

  1. Provide incentives to followers to help promote your profile

Discount promotions can also be an incentive to those who promote or share your page. Understanding how to get your followers to benefit from your brand is not just rewarding for everyone involved. However, it can create an even stronger connection between your customers and your business.

  1. Create a “Find the Clue” story to engage followers

Another option for an image game is to make “find the clue” levels. Provide clues within the stories so that your players can connect to solve a problem and eventually get a prize or enter an online drawing to win a prize. Don’t forget to inform your followers of the existence of such a game to keep your readers entertained.

  1. Utilize the most attractive hashtags for your competitors

Utilizing your competitors’ Instagram analytics, you’ll be able to discover what their most effective hashtags are. Utilize this information to your advantage, and then target your competitors’ audience using the hashtags you own.

  1. Start a live video game

As you could create an online game using images or stories, it is possible to create a live video. Make a game for your company, for instance. Think about it, and we’re confident that you’ll create something appealing and original!

  1. Start a live video series

Like Facebook Live, video series will ensure that your audience is engaged during certain times of the week, as long as you can keep it consistent.

  1. Create a design contest for followers

If you’re looking to go a step more in making your customers cooperate with you by creating an event for design. It could be from a simple T-shirt design contest or more significant than the Logo design competition. You decide!

  1. Offer a discount across the entire site for a milestone in following

Are you looking to get your Instagram profile on the platform? Set up a deal on your site which is available to everyone. It will be locked only after a certain amount of followers has been reached. Inspire your followers to share the upcoming discount to increase the discount’s speed. This is a great way to integrate with the planned values and realistic goals for your follower’s number. For more info Go Here.

  1. Ask your friends for a Hashtag suggestion

Are you unable to think of an appropriate hashtag? Why not ask your fans to come up with one? This is the ideal option to keep your followers engaged and ensure your hashtag choice to use already has momentum.

  1. Implement Internet Memes

While it is possible to freely use memes from various social platforms to enhance your brand, that’s not necessarily the case with Instagram. Making use of memes on the photo-sharing site can derail the message of your page. But sharing the memes on your page is a great way to be involved, but only when your story is public.

  1. Use QR codes everywhere to stimulate curiosity

Are you selling a physical or a software item? Place the QR codes for your Instagram profile wherever you can. It’s unnecessary to state that they’re meant for Instagram because people will look at them for fun.

  1. Make a campaign of marketing for Instagram

Create a campaign for the marketing that is solely focused on advertising the popularity of your Instagram profile. It could include T-shirts, cups, TV commercials, and anything else you can think of. Sometimes, it’s worth it.

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