holistic medicine


Working with the mind that of patients is workable due to the meaning level and significance is high. The purpose of the study can recognized in both patients. As well as the physician to be able to collaborate with it develop. This referred to as personal development, and is a common trend in the western culture. The development of the individual. And holistic healing is also the aim of many alternative therapies.
holistic medicine
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Integrative, holistic medicine, and holistic therapy that is holistic and complementary.

Human existence taken as extending beyond. The abstract levels of existential spirit. And even the soul) at the most concrete levels of molecules. Cells and atoms the Physical matter. If we take this as our basis of reference, we can put the body. The sensations and The mind situated between the abstract. Cells can locate between the matter level between the levels of matter and the human body. When the cells in these disturbed by “blockages”, illness and suffering result. If a person confronted with uncontrollable emotional issues. They are able to resolve through the suppression of emotional pain removed averted from the consciousness. It happens when you make an unfavorable decision. Which denies the original intention was constructive, and it results in suffering. The pain of existence is in conjunction with the whole perception. It transformed into what’s referred to as the gestalt, which begins at that point

It characterized as a constant tension in a particular area that is the mind, or body.

As we work with our clients through the holistic approach to therapy. We usually find these tensions to be ongoing muscle tightening in the skeleton. But not the smooth musculature (such as the muscles of the intestines and can also be a source of tension. In general, any tissue could hold any tension. The signs of these tensions are often referred to as health issues such. As chronic back discomfort and chronic stomach pain and bleeding disturbances. That has no physical or psychosomatic causes. Based on this hypothesis the reason for this is. Tat emotional pain suppressed, and stored in various tissues of the body. And thus keep the painful event and the gestalt it processed and integrated. The process of healing is the reverse process of a crisis. It creates the issue in the in the beginning. 

We are able to discern the three phases that we see in a crisis in reverse sequence

1. The patient opens to feelings that buried and then feels them again. Getting rid of the emotional trauma is often the final step overcoming the crisis.
2. The patient is able to deal with the events in his mind. And is aware of his own responsibility about what transpired. The blame is not acknowledged. And the victim escapes the scenario that is conscious. And pain perception is the second stage of an emergency.
3.The patient is aware of the decision. Which made and recognizes the inadequacy of the decision keeping it. The result is that he lets go of it and begin to heal. The negative outlook can be a source of stress. Or this is the first step that led to the patient’s situation. But the situation is often triggered by a life-threatening condition.
This three-step system designed over the course of years. Of study into the most effective and efficient types of alternative treatment. They intervened on three levels of the body. (Bodyworks as if it were Rosen therapies). Emotions (gestalt psychotherapy) as well as the mind and the soul (philosophy of living). The aim was always to aid the patient should be his own person be himself. Comprehend, and accept the responsibility for his life.
For a while the three-step model was enough, since these steps appeared to be the way to go. Necessary to heal. Over the course of several years. We used psychotherapy and bodywork in conjunction with the philosophical. Education in an institute called the Research Clinic for Holistic Medicine in Copenhagen. The method worked some patients did well yet. The majority of patients did not make total recovery or reach. The same level as complete self-expression was the goal of the holistic approach.

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