The old saying “customer is king” might have lost some of its appeal for many businesses but that is not because of any change in customer behaviors. Clients want to be seen and heard by their business partners. They expect businesses to listen to them with an open mind and come up with an appropriate solution. This requires companies to establish client portfolios, contact lists, and other data so that it is easily accessible. BQE Core can help businesses manage their interactions and handle all client relationships from the same window.

A robust CRM solution helps companies deliver a better consumer experience. Businesses are able to put their best foot forward with every interaction by providing quick access to critical information. The content helps move business deals along and give clients many reasons to accept the offer. Apart from CRM, BQE Core project management also has features that support time tracking, project planning, expense management and accounting. It is designed for professional service providers especially engineering, IT, and architectural firms.

They have a keen understanding of how these firms operate which has helped them design a system that will accelerate the sales life cycle. It keeps existing clients satisfied and attracts new businesses for these firms.

Why is CRM Important?

Client relationship management is the process of organizing, liaising, and strengthening relationships with existing and prospective customers. Engineering, IT, and architectural firms place greater importance of client relationships because they can help businesses scale up. CRM supports all business development initiatives and helps measure or analyze key performance indicators and other metrics.

However, the software solution should be equipped to handle all the unique processes and requirements of a professional service provider. BQE Core includes industry-specific features which help these agencies promote their offers and support the relevant processes. The CRM system can analyze and collect all aspects of client information in a single solution. It saves time and helps teams collaborate with others to provide better services.

Digitally Transform the Firm

CRM software can help companies transition from the world of paperwork to digital copies. They can cut down on their clutter and become more organized with the help of digital storage. It is easier to create, approve, share and manage information when it is available anywhere and anytime.

Core BQE project management can save important files in a central location helping companies copy files and make real-time changes wherever necessary. They are able to remove any redundant files and consolidate prospects so it is easier to follow up. It is a cloud-based solution and users can use analytics to generate accurate reports with attractive visuals.

It is easier to modernize architecture, construction, and engineering information to add efficiency to the workflow. Technology makes it possible to increase intake and improve visibility for each process. CRM brings every team member on board and gives them visibility into their interactions with each contact. They know what the next step is by just glancing at their dashboard because it has all the tasks, reminders, and attachments in one place.

and its result. Now, employees across departments know which step to take next and when increasing your firm’s chances of winning a prospect’s business and keeping it.

Automate Processes

Automation is gaining momentum in all industries, and it can be used to streamline client relationship management too. The digital CRM helps automate all data entry processes, customer service requests, email marketing, and other client interactions. Team members no longer have to manually log their phone calls or emails. The software can send a reminder and follow up on quotations, proposals, and annual contracts.

BQE Core project management can help create workflows and use triggers to launch events on their own. It can send automated welcome emails to new visitors to the website or curate specific lists or resources to segmented groups. It cuts down most menial tasks and frees employees up to focus on more important matters. There are templates that can help organize content, plan interactions and deliver a consistent experience to all users.

Handling the CRM manually can be a tedious process that is prone to human error. Giving team members orders to record updates, opportunities and prospects can be unfair. The software can summarize the results of meetings, track the progress of the sales team and centralize all tasks.

Take Care of Clients

Every client wants to be prioritized and they do not appreciate having to wait to hear back from their business partner. Prompt customer service will make them feel like they are getting more than what they paid for. However, humans have limitations and need a reliable CRM to improve the consistency and quality of their service delivery.

BQE Core can study client interactions and identify patterns, pain points, and specific areas that require improvement. It makes sure teams are always pursuing new leads and taking them to the next stage in the buyer journey. In most cases, the software drives the process and makes buyer journeys feel seamless. IT assists the team with behind-the-scenes work to make sure everything is in order.

The platform maintains a detailed record of all clients, prospects, and their spending habits. It helps attract and engage new businesses so they can move forward with a professional relationship. These insights prove useful for sales, marketing, and customer support teams. They can plan their campaigns accordingly and put their best foot forward to satisfy clients.

Reasons to Choose BQE Core

Core BQE project management is a CRM tool designed specifically for accountants, engineers, architects, software developers, consultants, and other professional service providers. It has an intuitive interface that can help manage client relationships and integrate them into the organization’s existing workflow.

There are features that are targeted towards nurturing contacts, measuring profits, and helping firms grow. Teams can identify leads, explore new areas, and convert prospects into clients. The software assists them through each stage of the business development cycle. It can synchronize with third-party accounting, project management, and time tracking software. It has its own dedicated web and mobile platform for added convenience.



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