How do I create a Zomato account for my restaurant

For numerous years, India has both fostered and experienced economic globalization. As a result of digitization, the clients’ direction has altered. The clients favor shopping on the web by sitting in their homes and need more comfort. Along these lines people moreover inclined toward purchasing on the web food.


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As the FSSAI is a pinnacle authority of India which takes the commitments of food tidiness and prosperity in India, it surveys the food associations and has directed the electronic food associations to collaborate with just FSSAI enrolled diners and motels so the neatness and security of the food are saved. Zomato is one of the electronic food-selling a business in India which is enjoyed by numerous people in India.


Nowadays, little food associations are similarly endeavoring to contact more people through Zomato and other food-selling destinations. As a result, all food associations must apply for FSSAI Registration in India in order to maintain and scale their operations.

What is the game plan of Zomato and why it is indispensable to select with Zomato?

Because India has become a digitized country and the world’s most wireless country, online businesses have more opportunities, as consumers are ready to buy from online shopping sites.

The clients save time and effort from these associations thereafter numerous people buy and buy an incline in the direction of Zomato and other electronic selling food associations.


Zomato is an overall food business and partners with more than 24 nations in the world. The essential strategy of Zomato is simply to promote the food business on the web and adaptable applications to get more traffic to the food associations. It assists with neighborhood food associations, for instance, bistros and motels, and offers them permission to the clients to get more traffic for their business.

Records expected to enlist the business with Zomato:-

The records expected to change into an assistant of Zomato are referred to underneath:-


  1. To act like a business in India, one must first register as a Private Limited Company, Partnership, or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).
  2. FSSAI License is also a most huge record.

3-GST Registration and Shop establishment enlistment is in like manner expected to enroll the business with Zomato.

The procedure for Registering the business with Zomato:-

If you have the above reports, it is easy to enroll your business with Zomato and you basically have to list your diner on Zomato and gain the enlistment with Zomato.

How to list your diner in Zomato?

In case your bistro isn’t found on Zomato then, follow the underneath steps:-


1-Click the “Add diner interface” option on the screen and fill out the form with information about your business, such as the name of your bistro, phone number, and so on.

2-To add your restaurant to Zomato, click the “Add Restaurant” option and wait a few minutes for it to be included.


Ensuing to completing the above framework, a Zomato official will come to your place to accumulate the record referred to under:-


1-Photos of the Restaurant from inside and outside.

2-Copy of Aadhar Card and Pan Card.

3-GST Registration Copy.

4-FSSAI License or its copy.


Following the above framework will assert your enlistment with Zomato and your dinner will be recorded on Zomato.


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Register your Restaurant with Zomato:

Go on the Zomato site Landing page directly following including the diner Zomato and fill in the Registration sort of Zomato to change into an enrolled partner of Zomato.

Resulting in introducing the construction to Zomato, ahead of Zomato will call you for a check and your business record will get instituted.

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