How do you run an online social media contest?

How do you run an online social media contest?

Don’t be afraid. Follow these steps to design a decisive contest that captivates your viewers and attracts new prospects:

  • Set goals
  • Find out the details of the contest
  • Choose where you will run it.
  • Promote it

Set the goals in your competition on social media

The first step for conducting a contest via social media is establishing SMART goals and identifying the most important indicator of performance (KPIs) you will keep track of during your game.

A clear, specific objective before you begin your gain many Facebook likes uk contest will allow you to measure its success after the game has ended. This first-hand approach to data helps you improve your marketing and marketing efforts and also helps future contests to be more successful.

Some suggestions for goals to establish include:

  • Contestants’ number
  • The number of people who like your posts
  • The number of shares you have on your posts
  • The number of times you click through to your site

If you plan to host an online contest across several channels, keep track of the results on each channel so that you know where you should put your energy and time shortly.

Determine contest details

The next step would be to establish the specifics of your contest on social media.

When brainstorming contest concepts, consider the components of contests that are successful from above, including following the rules, staying in line with the brand, and making it fun.

Also, consider the criteria for being the winner of the competition. Do you intend to analyze each entry submitted to the contest, and if so, does every person who participates have their name drawn into a draw?

Then, you’ll need to select a prize for your contest. The award aims to be attractive enough to draw people to your game without costing more than your revenues. Make an amount of money. Next, think of different contest prizes that appeal to your intended audience.

Choose where to hold the social media competition.

After you’ve determined the type of content you’re planning to run, you’ll have to choose the best social media platform to use.

A suitable method is to run your contest concurrently on several social media platforms. A lot of brands — about 45 per cent — prefer rounds on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

A contest broadcast on multiple channels could increase the attention it receives. But, you face the possibility of entering the same person in the game several times, making it difficult to keep track of at the back end.

Specific contests are also more successful on certain platforms than on other media.

For instance, Instagram relies heavily on images, which means contests with many photos will be more successful there than contests with a lot of text.

Promote your social media contest

You may let your contest on social media grow organically or purchase advertising to promote it.

About half of the brands decide to make a significant investment in publicizing their events. On average, paid promotions for contests are priced at $0.18/click.

Even if you’re not willing to invest in advertising, You can devise innovative ways to advertise the event on social media.

For instance, you could ask the participants to promote your contest’s content on their social media accounts to improve your contest’s visibility.

Marketing via email is also an effective method of promoting your competition to existing customers. Because people who participate in contests share the contest on their social media pages about 90% of the time, you have a possibility of having your game get more attention through interaction with your existing prospects.

Another method to promote your contest on social media is to develop a specific hashtag that contestants can use to talk about your competition. This will encourage word-of-mouth advertising and increase brand recognition at the same time.

Social media and nonprofits Best practices

Look at the best practices below to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your social media marketing strategy.

Start a conversation

These platforms are designed to be places for social interaction.

To get your audience talking and engaged, begin the conversation. One way to do this is to post relevant, external news articles on your field and ask people to share their thoughts. You can also ask questions about community issues or recent events related to your organization’s cause.

Don’t be afraid of going deep when you ask questions and also. Inquiring questions that challenge viewers to consider a different perspective could result in an array of exciting conversations.

Engage with your viewers

In addition to conversing with your viewers, you must ensure that you engage with them.

You can accomplish it via “liking” or reacting to comments, or responding to the most number of words you can. You can go an extra step by re-sharing posts that your followers make via their respective social media pages about your business. For example, you can retweet tweets on Instagram or share others’ content on Facebook.

Sharing content created by your users shows that you are concerned about them and inspires other users to take action.

Making use of data to increase your chances of success

Another critical aspect of gain many Facebook followers uk for nonprofit organizations is the capacity to examine and analyze data related to your content. Accessing this information can aid in deciding what content to share shortly. You’ll be able to determine what’s most beneficial to which group of people.

Analyzing data

Specific social media platforms, such as Instagram Insights, provide analytics directly through their platform. There are many different tools to collect, measure and analyze information, for example:

  • The number of shares, likes, comments, reactions, or likes on posts
  • The demographics of your followers, like where they live
  • What times of the day do people find themselves most active with your posts?
  • Amount of conversions or actions that people take after reading your content
  • The number of social media accounts exceeded

How do you make use of the data?

Once you’ve compiled the data and analyzed it, you can use it to decide the future direction of your social media strategies.

Set your content calendar, so you create content when it’s likely to be viewed by your followers. Additionally, ensure you create content that aligns with your followers’ desires or what they’re interfacing with the most.

Then, determine the types of accounts you wish you wish to focus on. For instance, you can concentrate on targeting posts based on age or location or gender.

Don’t be opposed to the advantages of social media for your nonprofit organization.

Social media management for nonprofits is vital to achieving the right balance between online and offline marketing.

Social media integration will allow you to reach a broad reach, distribute exciting content, and advertise your business genuinely and reliably.

To begin this journey, take some time creating SMART goals with your team. It would help if you thought about what you are trying to accomplish through social media and what platform best suits your company and goals.

Then, you can have time brainstorming ideas and create your content. Begin with one campaign to familiarize yourself with the platform and what is most effective for you. Then, plan for the remainder of the year and explore what social media could do for your organization in the coming year!



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